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Police arrest child molester in Vine Grove

Terry Alan Lee, 50, Corydon, an admitted child molester who alluded police for two weeks, was arrested Wednesday, Jan. 4, in Vine Grove, Ky.
He was transported the next day to Harrison County Jail, where he remains with no bond allowed.
Officers with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., Meade County (Ky.) Sheriff’s Dept., and Kentucky State Police went to the residence where Lee had been staying in Vine Grove about 4 p.m. He was taken into custody without incident.
Lee voluntarily waived his extradition rights, said Harrison County Sheriff G. Michael Deatrick.
Lee failed to show in Harrison Superior Court for sentencing on Dec. 21 and had slept in ‘some woods’ while making his way to the residence in Vine Grove where he was later arrested.
Lee told police he had planned to turn himself in, but first needed ‘to sort out some things.’
Sentencing by Judge Roger D. Davis on the child molesting charge is now set for Jan. 17 about 10:30 a.m.