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Storm brings hail, spares damage

Harrison and Crawford counties were spared major damage Monday afternoon when a strong line of thunderstorms roared through the area, bringing heavy rain and hail in many locations.
Harrison County Emergency Management Agency director Greg Reas said yesterday that he had yet to receive a report of any problems caused by the storm.
‘As far as I know we didn’t have any damage here,’ Reas said.
Reas added that hail was reported throughout Harrison County and the size of the ice stones varied. Reas said unseasonably warm temperatures clashed with a cold front, making weather patterns volatile.
‘When that happens, the weather’s not going to be good,’ he added.
Hail occurred sporadically for about a half hour, Reas said, particularly in the eastern part of Harrison County, but overall the storm was not as intense as it was when it reached Kentucky.
‘We got lucky again,’ he added.
Earl Phipps, who lives on McPhillips Road between Elizabeth and New Middletown, said hailstones up to two inches across fell at his home just before 3 p.m.
‘They looked like cue balls laying out there in the yard,’ Phipps said. ‘It sounded like somebody hitting the house with a hammer.’
Phipps said the large hail didn’t last long, and he gathered several of the stones, measured them and placed them in his freezer.
‘They only lasted a few seconds,’ he added.
Trees were also reported down on Flatwoods and Pfrimmer’s Chapel roads in Harrison County, as well as other locations.
Temperatures reached a record-breaking 72 degrees in Louisville prior to the storm, which moved across a large north-south area parallel to Interstate 65 in Indiana and Kentucky. A tornado was reported in Elizabethtown, Ky., and damage was also severe in southern Louisville and LaRue County, Ky.
Hail was also reported at various spots in Crawford County; however, no damage or other problems occured. English Volunteer Fire Dept. Assistant Chief Mike Benham said quarter- to dime-sized hail fell in the Wickliffe and Taswell areas, but no damage was called in. The English area reported no problems, Benham added.
Parts of western Floyd County also received dime- and pea-sized hail as the storm moved through.