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Sheriff’s reserve program needs volunteers

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. Reserve Program needs a few good volunteers.
‘In this day when the Armed Services need volunteers to help protect our nation, there is a place in our own backyard that needs you to volunteer as well,’ said Major Bob Stem, who along with the sheriff, coordinates and oversees the sheriff’s reserve volunteer force.
‘The Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. Reserve Program is one of the best in Southern Indiana,’ Stem said, urging others to join.
The reserves have several areas of responsibility, all of which are equally important tasks, Stem said. One is to provide security at public gatherings and special events such as high school ball games, the Harrison County Fair and Lanesville Heritage Weekend. The reserves also serve civil court papers as well as providing courtroom security and prisoner transportation.
The reserves are also called out in the event of natural disasters, such as tornadoes and floods or during other emergencies. The volunteer officers provide additional law-enforcement coverage when regular merit officers need assistance.
When a reserve officer completes the state-mandated training and a rigorous field-training program, he or she may be qualified to become a senior reserve officer, who is qualified to patrol independently and answer calls for service.
‘Senior reserve officers are capable and empowered to conduct patrols and answer citizen calls with the same competency and professionalism as any full-time officer,’ Stem said.
Reserve officers are not paid a salary, but the training could lead to a paid officer’s position.
Most officers begin their career in the reserve program, Stem said.