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Floyd goes low to win team titles at Crawford Sectional

The Floyd Central girls’ cross country team edged New Albany by one point and the Floyd boys dominated the 5K run as the Highlanders swept the Crawford County cross country sectional last Tuesday.
South Central’s Sarah Pease and New Albany’s Eric Schulz ran away with big wins in their individual events.
In the girls’ race, Pease quickly established she was going to be the one to beat, as the South Central standout quickly sprinted to the front of the field. North Harrison’s Amber Gresham moved up to third, while Floyd’s Lisa Miville and Allison Laird also ran in the front pack. Crawford’s Lauren Schaftlein was in the seventh spot.
At near a mile, Pease still dominated with Miville second. Laird moved to third, while Pekin Eastern’s Angie Sells slipped ahead of Gresham.
Pease went on to win by more than a hundred meters over Miville. Gresham made a big charge in the last half-mile, passing Laird and Sells for third place. Shaftlein finished sixth.
South Central coach Greg Robinson said he was worried beforehand because of a bus breakdown on the way to Crawford County but that Pease handled the situation well.
‘We got here only about a half hour before the start of the race,’ he said. ‘She did real well to put everything behind her and run the way she ran. I think she was the only person on the bus not worried about it.’
North Harrison’s Amber Gresham was in fifth place going into the woods and knew she had to catch Sells.
‘I knew she was within my reach,’ Gresham said. ‘Nobody was behind me, and I just took it. It was now or never. I knew I had to stay with Angie Sells and the girl from Floyd (Miville). She was favored to get second, so I wanted to stay up there with her. I kept her within my range.’
Gresham’s teammate, Jackie Sauerheber, also had a good race, Schneider said.
‘She finished 18th, which is better than she’s had the last couple of years,’ he said. ‘She was about 15th when she was a freshman. She ran against some very tough competition and had a great race.’
Crawford finished third as a team, 17 points behind runner-up New Albany.
New Albany’s Eric Schulz was paced by Floyd senior Ben Draper in the early going of the boys’ run, but by the mile mark, that had quickly changed, as Schulz charged ahead to lead by 40 meters. Crawford’s Chris Humphrey was running in the top 10 as was North Harrison’s Shay Barnickle and Christian Horstman.
Later, both North Harrison runners slipped back while Crawford’s Humphrey, Dustin Lindsey and R.T. Elliott moved forward. Schulz then increased his lead, while Corydon’s Lucas Taylor put himself into the mix, in sixth place, with Lanesville’s Chris Dodds also in the top 10.
Schulz went on to win, finishing 15 seconds ahead of Draper. Taylor finished fifth with Dodds eighth. Elliott finished as Crawford’s number one at ninth, with Humphrey and Lindsey 10th and 11th, respectively.
Floyd finished with just 22 points, with Crawford second at 84 points.
Girls’ Scores (Top 5 to Regional) – Floyd Central 53, New Albany 54, Crawford County 71, North Harrison 101, Providence 148, Corydon 163, Pekin Eastern 168, South Central 174
Girls’ Results (Top 15 to Regional) – 1. Sarah Pease (SC) 15:38, 2. Miville (FC) 16:06, 3. Gresham (NH) 16:11, 4. Sells (PE) 16:12, 5. Laird (FC) 16:21, 6. Schaftlein (CC) 16:41, 7. Riggs (CA) 16:47, 8. Martin (NA) 16:49, 9. Bender (Bor) 16:50, 10. Fleming (NA) 17:15, 11. Kenner (CC) 17:15, 12. Goodwell (NA) 17:16, 13. Henckel (Lnsvl) 17:16, 14. Trinkle (FC) 17:20, 15. Burks (Co) 17:22
Boys’ Scores (Top 5 to Regional) – Floyd Central 22, Crawford County 84, New Albany 93, Corydon 125, North Harrison 142, Providence 177, South Central 181, Borden 190, Lanesville 210, Clarksville 221, Eastern 268
Boys’ Results (Top 15 to Regional) – 1. Eric Schulz (NA) 16:05, 2. Draper (FC) 16:20, 3. Robertson (FC) 16:59, 4. Hamilton (FC) 17:07, 5. Taylor (Co) 17:11, 6. Davis (FC) 17:22, 7. Mull (FC) 17:23, 8. Dodds (Lnsvl) 17:25, 9. Elliott (CC) 17:29, 10. Humphrey (CC) 17:36, 11. Lindsey (CC) 17:37, 12. Mann (Co) 17:39, 13. Hagest (Bor) 17:40, 14. Abbott (Bor) 17:40, 15. Rice (NA) 17:41