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Festival not designed to make everyone happy

Terrific tunes, spectacular weather, delicious food, people to visit, merchandise to check out, games to play, and other pleasures were available at the third annual Cockadoodle Days festival Sept. 23 and 24 in Corydon.
And the estimated 4,000 to 4,500 people who attended provided some much-needed funds to worthy causes, such as the YMCA of Harrison County’s endowment fund, Leadership Harrison County and Metro United Way.
Billed as a last fun festival in Corydon before cold weather arrives, Cockadoodle Days provides a nice variety of activities, a little something for everyone. And this year’s event filled the bill. The Monarchs and Marlins provided great music, Radio Disney was back to delight children, businesses and organizations promoted their wares, Miller beer had an interesting mobile beer museum on hand, Tyson Foods sold thousands of cases of frozen chicken, and board members of non-profit organizations were treated to a free meal for their tireless efforts throughout the year.
Organizers added some new events this year, some of which drew criticism ‘ before anyone had a chance to see how they panned out.
Take the ‘hot wings eating contest,’ which was spiced up by the presence of some Hooters Girls. From the Live Wire calls and letters to the editor we got before the festival even started, you would have thought the girls were coming here for a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Hooters Girls usually wear short shorts and skimpy T-shirts, but at the festival they were dressed more modestly. You can see young women ‘ cheerleaders, band guard members, shoppers at the mall ‘ wearing a lot less. Hooters Girls are hired to wait tables at the restaurant famous for its … wings. If you eat at any of their locations in the Louisville metropolitan area, you might even see some familiar faces. If you’ve never eaten at Hooters, maybe you shouldn’t make assumptions about why people go there. They do have good food.
Then there was the ‘Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.’ Poker is hot now. Look at the television shows featuring the card game and all the novelty items sporting card themes that are for sale. Sure, it’s gambling, a game of chance, but it’s also entertainment, similar to bingo, only there is some skill and strategy involved based on the hand you’re dealt.
There was also some question about the appropriateness of a modest ‘beer garden’ at a family festival. To clarify, no one said Cockadoodle Days is strictly a family event, although it has activities for the whole family. If it weren’t for the plastic mesh fence that outlined the beer garden, there wasn’t much difference in the two areas where people could talk and listen to the bands. From what we saw taking place in the beer garden, it was festival goers who wanted to enjoy a beer or two with friends on a glorious autumn evening. Cockadoodle Days has had a beer garden for three years, and there have been no major problems. People have shown they know how to drink responsibly.
After last year’s festival, there was some uncertainty if there would be another. Fortunately, organizers decided to give it another chance. And it appears the third time was a charm, leading the way for future events that help promote the county’s close link with the chicken industry.
Hopefully any ruffled feathers caused by Cockadoodle Days have been smoothed over and everyone can look forward to next year’s event. It is a fun time that helps many worthwhile organizations.