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Stereotypes fuel hatred of gays

I have read with interest and sadness the hatred and homophobia of this town and county. It truly saddens me that people who claim to be religious hate others so much. They seem to forget that Jesus only spoke of loving thy neighbor as thyself and not to judge lest you be judged.
Jesus himself never spoke of homosexuality, and the only reference to it in the New Testament is one which, if read in full, is a reference to ritualized prostitution that was prevalent at the time. Children were used to satisfy those who sought such services, and that is what was condemned.
Many use the Old Testament directive that man shall not lay with man as he does with a woman. It also states that we are NOT to eat pork or shellfish, must offer sacrifices, and never wear clothes of mixed threads, which means poly/cotton blends are a sin. We are to stone adulterers to death, and more. Do we do those things? NO!
So why do we pick and choose those verses of the Bible that support hate? It’s simple: hate is easy; love is hard.
Let’s go through some stereotypes about gay people:
Lie One: Gay people are all feminine acting.
TRUTH One: Gay people come in all shapes, sizes and types.
Lie Two: Gays are after your children.
TRUTH Two: FBI statistics say 92 percent of all child sex offenders are straight family members or friends; five percent are straight strangers, and the rest, two percent, are gay.
Lie Three: Gays want ‘special rights.’
TRUTH Three: NO gays want the SAME rights that straights have. I, for instance, have no rights to see my partner in the hospital if he is ill. I can make no medical decisions for him, even if he chose to tell me what he wanted done. I can be kicked out of my home if he dies, if his family does not want me there. I must pay extra taxes to inherit anything I am left that a ‘legal’ spouse does not have to pay. I cannot add him to my medical insurance unless the company is progressive (which, thank goodness, many more are becoming), nor can he be insured that he will receive my life insurance. There are numerous other things I could name, and if I had the space, I would.
Lie Four: My kids are not fags, and no one I know is a fag.
TRUTH Four: I know several hundred gay and lesbian couples who have made Harrison County their home, and many more single gays and lesbians who live here. The chances that you do not know someone who is gay or lesbian are nonexistant unless you have NO friends.
The simple fact is that gay people are here, we are not going anywhere, and churches that preach hate do not preach the Word of God.
Just yesterday I saw that the president of the Baptist seminary in Louisville said that couples who are married and have no children are sinners. You heard that correctly: if you are straight and have no children, you are a SINNER!! It does not matter if you are not able to have kids, wait ’til you are able to financially support them, or just do not feel that you want them, you are a sinner, according to the Rev. Moeller.
Catholics now have to deal with the lack of priests, the molestation issue (which most likely would not have happened if they did not try to go against human nature and the Bible and require something like celibacy), and now against the papal decree which stated that the conscience is guide to moral matters, regardless of church doctrine, the Pope and bishops are trying to intimidate followers into following church doctrine.
There have been lots and lots of complaints from people who were kicked out of their Baptist and Assembly of God churches because they voted for the Democrat in recent elections. The Christian Taliban are alive and well in this country. For those who say it is only Muslims who blow up things, let me direct you to Eric Rudolph, one of the abortion clinic bombers. He bombed a gay club, the Olympics and more. There are many more examples I could give, but it all boils down to hate. Hate in the name of God.
Editor’s note: The author’s name was withheld on request because he fears violence and losing his job.