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Heazlitt files suit against Dillman, FYI

Debbie Heazlitt, the former executive director of the Gerdon Youth Center, has alleged defamation and blacklisting by Furthering Youth Inc. and its president, David Dillman, in a suit filed with the Harrison County Circuit Court on Aug. 30.
The suit alleges that on several occasions ‘Dillman has publicly stated that Heazlitt was guilty of ‘grand larceny’ and/or ‘theft.’ ‘
The suit claims that ‘Heazlitt’s work performance met or exceeded Furthering Youth’s legitimate expectations,’ and that Dillman knew his claims concerning Heazlitt were false.
Heazlitt was executive director of GYC from August 2001 until March 3 of this year when she was terminated by a 7-2 vote of FYI’s board of directors which oversees GYC.
After that time, the suit alleged that Dillman ‘knowingly made untrue statements to various individuals, including prospective employers of Heazlitt, regarding Heazlitt’s work performance as Executive Director of Gerdon Youth Center with the intent of preventing Heazlitt from securing other employment.’
Specifically, the suit claims that Dillman told at least two committees that Heazlitt stole equipment from the Harrison County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Local Coordinating Council. That allegation, the suit claims, was an intentional misrepresentation.
Dillman said Friday that he had not yet seen the lawsuit and was not prepared to comment. Such suits describe only one side of a claim.