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Sewing up loose ends and fingers

I’m back one more time to wrap up some loose ends regarding my husband Virgil’s recent escapade with the table saw and the ensuing hospital visits.
First, we would like for everyone at Harrison County Hospital to know that we really do appreciate the fact that the ER doc recognized and admitted more expertise was needed than he could provide in sewing up Virgil’s fingers because some nerves had been cut.
We also feel very lucky and appreciative that the Kleinert-Kutz Hand Care Center is so close. Virgil’s fingers have nearly healed completely and, bless those doctors, he does have feeling in those appendices.
Virgil’s being much more careful with that saw. He was following Norm Abram’s’ trick, sliding the piece of wood to be cut through the saw blade with another piece of wood. Only it broke, flew up toward his face, and that’s when my ‘Carpenter’ got his hand too close to the blade, trying to shield his face. Now he’s using the see-through blade guard also. It wasn’t in place before because, he explained, ‘It’s a man thing.’
I’m happy to report my magazine rack is now finished and hanging on the wall! I haven’t seen another one like it anywhere, not even at Wal-Mart, but I’ll never look at the thing without thinking of that night. Memories are made of this, you know.
Since a friend of ours asked me the other day, ‘Now let’s see. Did we ever really establish what time Virgil had anything to eat?’ I’ll repeat: It was 5:30. Virgil didn’t tell them about the ‘Bud,’ because they didn’t ask.
We have received just one bill so far, and it’s the one from HCH ER. You don’t want to know. But I’ll tell you anyway. $735.91.
ER people apparently used $46.16 worth of sterile water and gauze, curity oil, bandages and sponges to clean up his bloody hand from time to time during our stay. Not too bad, considering.
We owe $348.50 for our trip to the ER in general. We don’t understand the entry marked ‘Hand Left, 1, $173.70.’ We didn’t need that diagnosis. Anyone on the street could have told us the same thing for a dime, so we think $173.70 is a bit high, but who are we to complain? We do, however, own the hospital along with all the other property owners in Harrison County.
We also owe $56.40 for that shot that made him nauseated, but I guess it also made his presence bearable during our automobile trip to Louisville. The total for all other drugs was just $100.39, and I think that includes the tetanus and antibiotic shots.
If you need to know anything else (and I seriously doubt if you will), give me a call. We don’t have the Hand Care bill yet.
By the way, somebody reminded me the other day that I had told Virgil I wouldn’t ‘write him up.’ He wasn’t really ‘himself’ that night, because of all the pain and relaxazizing meds, so he doesn’t remember that. I hope.