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Mathes feud may go to trial

A long-standing feud between two Corydon brothers that apparently erupted last May has led to criminal misdemeanor charges against one.
James E. Mathes, 61, faces two counts of criminal recklessness and one charge of criminal mischief (all misdemeanors) arising from an altercation with his brother, Carl (Buck) Mathes, a popular Harrison County councilman, Harrison County fair board director and farmer.
Bad blood between the two boiled over last spring. They apparently disagreed after one cut a road through a soybean field the other had planted. They and their sister own hundreds of acres of inherited farmland on Shiloh Road south of Corydon.
As the dispute escalated, Buck said he ‘showed’ his rifle ‘ a groundhog gun ‘ to Jim, as he tried to get out of Jim’s way. Jim was allegedly pushing Buck’s tractor/planter from behind with a loader and put the bucket of his loader on top of the tractor cab Buck was driving. No serious damage was done.
Buck said Jim pushed him in his tractor some 200 feet trying to get him out of the field.
Jim’s wife, Sheila, had been listening to the CB radio at Mathes Quarry nearby, when Jim radioed and told her to contact the sheriff.
When officers arrived, they looked at a videotape that Buck’s son, Houston, had made during the incident and arrested Jim.
Jim spent the night of May 12 in jail. He was released on bond the next day.
The charges were filed last week by special prosecutor Jennifer A. Tucker of Paoli.
Harrison County Prosecutor Dennis Byrd had stepped aside because he knows both men well. Harrison Superior Court Judge Roger D. Davis will also recuse himself from the case, but a new judge has not yet been appointed.
Jim Mathes is represented by New Albany attorney James Fifer.
He is seeking a jury trial; the matter has been set for review on Aug. 25 at 10 a.m.