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Woman hospitalized with rare disease looking for lost dog

Tammy Preuett of Greenville came home from five weeks in the hospital with a rare, paralyzing disease only to find that her two beloved dogs were missing.
She and a friend, Tanya Tuell of Elizabeth, went house-to-house Saturday night, knocking on doors with flyers on Lotticks Corner Road. Miraculously, they found one of the dogs, Molly, a two-year-old Australian Shepherd-Collie mix, when it emerged from beneath a cool porch at a house where it had found a home.
The other dog is still missing.
Preuett, 36, is a registered nurse and case manager at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women in Pewee Valley who suddenly collapsed in late May with a mysterious illness that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors suspect she may have transverse myelitis or Guillain Barr’ syndrome. Preuett was making plans Monday to go to Johns Hopkins University medical center in Baltimore, to get more answers for what appears to be a rare neurological disorder.
She spent the last five weeks in Norton Audubon Hospital and Gateway Rehab in Louisville. She came home June 26, only to learn that her two dogs, being watched by friends in the Doolittle Hill area, had gotten out of their pen days before.
The second dog, Murphy, is a six-year-old, 60-pound, black, white and brown full-blooded Australian shepherd whose parents were showdogs, Preuett said.
If anyone sees Murphy, described by Preuett as well trained and very intelligent, they should call Preuett at the number on the dog tag, 1-502-299-5334, or Preuett’s cell phone, 1-717-381-9291, or Tuell at 1-502-396-0660. The Harrison County Humane Society is offering a reward for information on Murphy, dead or alive.
It has been very difficult for Preuett to get around because, although she has regained some feeling in her upper legs, her feet are in braces and she tires easily. She is getting a car with hand controls this week. While she recovers, she will be staying with her parents in Greenville.
Preuett said Molly was found at the home of Gene and Mary Caple on Lottick’s Road three miles away from its pen. They and neighbors had cared for the dog for several weeks and renamed it Stacey.
Tuell said yesterday, ‘It’s important when a stray animal shows up that people try to help the animal. We do not encourage anyone to handle stray animals, and children especially should be protected. Those finding these animals can help, however, by contacting Harrison County Animal Control (738-8163). At least then the animal will be held in a safe environment pending reunion with the animal’s owner.
‘Gene and Mary Caple and their young neighbor, Desiree Slate, and her family deserve our appreciation as they cared for Molly until she was found on Saturday. This is just another example of how kind the people of Harrison County are to animals.’