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No one will take Bolton seriously

Think of some of the able people who have represented the United States of America in crucial times at the world’s greatest and most important meeting place, the United Nations in New York City. People like Madeline Albright, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Adlai Stevenson come to mind.
Now, we have John Bolton, and his selection is an embarrassment.
Yes, John Bolton, the temperamental former undersecretary of state for arms control who has no use for the United Nations and who reportedly has trouble handling his own staff and intelligence information as well. Now he is our new ambassador. President Bush, in another inexplicable ‘in your face’ move, decided to show the world how a real democracy works. He took advantage of an obscure, little-used recess appointment law to appoint Bolton while the U.S. Senate, which normally approves such appointments, was adjourned.
Few people except Bush thought Bolton was an appropriate appointment to represent you and me at the United Nations. For example, Sen. George Voinovich, Republican of Ohio, said he opposed John Bolton in the name of his children and grandchildren. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette said the Bolton appointment is ‘the equivalent of letting your nephew bring his incontinent dog with him when he comes to visit because he is, after all, your nephew.’
Bush does not like the United Nations, and neither does Bolton. Neither seems to have a clue ‘ or they’re keeping secret ‘ what they would do to make the United Nations a more effective institution. Fortunately, Bolton won’t be there long, only 18 months, and then Bush will have to appoint someone else. Maybe next time he’ll select Carl Rove or Tom DeLay. Or leave the seat empty.
It’s doubtful if the other diplomats from around the world will take Bolton seriously because, for one thing, he’s damaged goods, and, two, they don’t take the Bush administration seriously. They know you can’t believe anything it says.
When the Bush administration invades a foreign country under false pretenses, declares military victory, ignores important world environmental treaties, forces its world view on other countries, ignores other dictators, or treats a world body with condescension, it devastates our standing in the world.
The Bush administration could have done the right thing by appointing a real diplomat with real negotiating skills to win back the respect America has lost since 9/11. It could have shown the rest of the world that we want to take a positive leadership position and the moral high ground on serious issues confronting the world. But, no, President Bush didn’t see the need to appoint an effective spokesman or spokeswoman. It will take years to repair the senseless damage caused by this increasingly arrogant administration.