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Police arrest 2 at working meth lab

Acting on a tip, police raided an operating methamphetamine lab about five miles southwest of Corydon shortly before 7:45 p.m. Thursday and took a man and woman into custody.
Felony charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of two or more precursors used in the manufacture of meth, and possession of meth are pending against Troy Ray Lasley, 34, and Cynthia Wiseman, 32.
Enough methamphetamine was kept off the streets to potentially kill 20 to 30 long-term users, said Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. Chief Gary Gilley.
After arriving at Wiseman’s home on Brown Cunningham Road, officers Gilley and Mike Kurz, Conservation officer Jim Hash, and two undercover officers (one with the sheriff’s department and another with the Southern Indiana Drug Task Force) detected a strong odor of meth being cooked in the garage.
They found Lasley and Wiseman sitting in the garage near a wooden spool. Due to the strong odor, the two were removed from the garage and taken into custody.
Many items used to manufacture meth were on top of the wooden spool. A flask containing red liquid was inside the opening in the center of the spool on a laboratory type heating element, Gilley said. The liquid was ‘reacting violently,’ he said, adding that he shut off the electricity to the garage due to the danger of an explosion.
Gilley said the Indiana State Police clandestine lab team entered the garage in chemical suits equipped with air packs. They identified the lab as a ‘red phosphorous type’ which produces a deadly gas, even in small quantities. A haz-mat team from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency was dispatched to the site to clean up and destroy the hazardous materials.
Lasley later admitted producing the methamphetamine, but said Wiseman was not involved, Gilley said. Lasley told police he had ‘just started the process of producing methamphetamine’ when they arrived.
‘He probably cooked two or three times a week,’ Gilley said.
Several items were taken from the garage as evidence.
Wiseman was released from custody the next day. Lasley remained in jail yesterday with bond set at $11,750 cash.
Gilley estimated the drug bust cost the taxpayers $50,000 in the officers’ time and the clean up.