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Memorial Day celebration location debated

VFW Post 2950 in Corydon broke with tradition by hosting its Memorial Day ceremony on its own property instead of the town square, and the finger-pointing commenced.
Corydon Capitol State Historic Site has taken the brunt of criticism over the move, but employees there said the decision was entirely that of Post 2950.
Acting Site Manager Bec Riley said her staff took the initiative to contact the VFW for fear it would miss the deadline to apply for use of the site. That was when, she said, an officer at the VFW told her that they had planned to have a program at the post.
‘Originally ‘ and this has been going on for years ‘ it would cost us $50, except when Bill Brockman was there. He helped us sponsor it so we didn’t have to pay the $50. This year we just felt like we didn’t really need to give the $50 or the liability insurance, so we had it here,’ said Terry Thomas, quartermaster for the post. Brockman is the former site manager.
Riley said the site had no intention of reinstating the fee.
As for the insurance, she said it’s a state requirement, one the VFW acknowledges having fulfilled in previous years.
‘Is the (Harrison County Chamber of Commerce) paying $50 and showing proof of liability insurance?’ Thomas asked, as he questioned whether the VFW was being singled out.
‘Yes,’ Riley said. In fact, she said, even The Friends of Corydon Capitol carry liability insurance, and the state is self-insured.