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Crusade raises $5,378,566

Firefighters were busy this weekend setting up roadblocks and going door-to-door. Their mission: collecting funds for the WHAS Crusade for Children.
‘It was another good year,’ said Donnie Allen, who works in the operations department of WHAS and is also a firefighter. ‘It was fantastic.’
When the 52nd annual Crusade stopped broadcasting Sunday night, the total collected in Southern Indiana and Kentucky was $5,378,566.
While that’s down from last year’s $6,051,236, Allen said the total given to the Crusade is actually up but some proceeds went into an endowment fund for the Crusade.
‘If someone leaves money to the Crusade and they don’t specify exactly where it’s to go, it goes into the endowment,’ Allen said. That will be ‘great,’ he added, because it will allow the Crusade to continue in perpetuity.
Last year’s total was down a little from 2003’s record $6,307,583. Mother Nature is to blame for part of that because rain came during two weekends of collection time, flooding Milltown, then hitting some areas, like Marengo, with tornadoes.
This year, Allen said, the weather was ‘a little too nice,’ creating a heat wave on the parking lot at the Old Capitol Centre in Corydon, where 16 fire departments and the Kentucky State RV Club opted to turn in Crusade donations rather than travel to Louisville. This is the fifth year WHAS has had a remote site in Corydon.
Crusade donations turned in at Corydon, as reported by Allen, are:
Marengo-Liberty, $5,551; Payneville, Ky., $12,745.47; Palmyra, $12,930.19; Wolfe Creek, Ky., $8,801; Georgetown, $23,033.87; Heth Township, $7,408.16; Greenville, $23,245; Elizabeth, $24,513.72; Leavenworth, $12,017.53; Kentucky State RV Club, $3,430; Harrison Township, $18,030.45; Lafayette Township (Floyds Knobs), $44,975.88; Boone Township, $3,104.90; Ramsey, $12,136.75; Lanesville, $16,392.90, Leavenworth, $12,048.40, and New Middletown, $4,690.57.
Firefighters from Milltown-Whiskey Run Township continue to take their donations to Louisville, where they are first in line on Sunday morning. This year they donated $7,701.
Heth Township firefighters said their money was raised from roadblocks and with the help of Kent Garmon’s legs.
Lanesville fire chief Rick Kerr said his department set a new record this year, up from last year’s $12,979.
Proceeds from the Crusade help improve the lives of children in 50 Southern Indiana counties and all of Kentucky’s 120 counties.
Entertainment which had been scheduled to be at the Corydon site failed to show up this year, but Allen said he will work harder next year to have something for people to watch. Some Crusade remotes had bands and other entertainment. Tim Carman of Lanesville called square dancing at one site.
Allen said people from other areas are continuously amazed at the success of the Crusade year after year.
‘It’s the volunteer firefighters that make it happen,’ he said. ‘I can’t say enough about the volunteers.’