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Two arrests made after high-speed Derby night cycle chase

Derby Night ended badly here for three Missouri motorcyclists who led police on a chase out of Floyd County at speeds between 90 and 130 mph.
One eventually ran into a Floyd County police car on S.R. 135 south of New Salisbury late that Saturday night and was taken to Floyd County Memorial Hospital and Health Serivces in New Albany and then to the jail. The officer apparently was not hurt.
A second motorcyclist, perhaps a woman, put her Yamaha down at about the same spot on 135 and took off running into the woods. She has not been found.
A third cyclist pulled away from Harrison County Capt. Brad Shepherd at speeds up to 130 mph heading west on I-64 toward Crawford County. The suspect eventually pulled his 2003 Yamaha over and stopped near the Blue River overpass, not knowing that Shepherd had turned off his police lights but was still following him.
When Shepherd arrived, the man tried to run, but Shepherd tackled him and cuffed him with the help of Lt. Roy Wiseman, who was also in pursuit and arrived shortly thereafter.
Jerome A. Williams, 29, St. Louis, was taken to the Harrison County Justice Center in Corydon and charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest and exceeding the posted speed limit, 65 mph.
The chase started in Floyd County when police saw the trio hitting speeds of 90 mph on radar. They went west from Floyd into Harrison County. Floyd County Police Officer Gabe Kelly said they reached speeds of up to 130 mph. As the three motorcyclists approached the Corydon exit, with Floyd County and Indiana State Police in hot pursuit, Harrrison County sheriff’s officers were waiting.
Two motorcyclists peeled off suddenly on S.R. 135. One went north toward New Salisbury, and the other went south into Corydon, followed by Kelly. The one heading south did an abrupt U-turn at the Landmark Avenue intersection and went north on 135.
As the chase continued north, the lead motorcyclist skidded and fell off the motorcycle as it went off the road into some grass, Kelly said. As Kelly slowed down to see what happened to that cyclist, the motorcyclist in front of him slowed to do a U-turn to head back south. Kelly pulled into the south-bound lane to block him and the fugitive ran into his cruiser. Kelly’s front bumper hit the cycle’s rear tire and footrest area. The driver jumped off the cycle but stayed on his feet and took off his helmet. He was arrested and handcuffed by a Harrison County officer.
Reginald D. Wilson, 42, St. Louis, was arrested for resisting law enforcement and taken to Floyd Memorial Hospital, complaining of ankle pain, and then to Floyd County Jail.
Kelly then started to search for the cyclist who had slide off the road and ran off into the dark. The 2003 Yamaha was registered to Cecelia R. Wilson of St. Louis, but that cyclist has not been located.