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Kirkham is Palmyra’s first female president

Virginia Kirkham was unanimously selected Palmyra’s first woman Town Council president at the May 5 monthly meeting.
Former president George Morgan decided it was time to give someone else a turn, he said. He remains as a council member.
‘What are you going to do with your raise?’ joked town attorney Gordon Ingle.
‘Just prestige is all you get,’ said Joe Robbeloth, the third voting member of the council.
Kirkham and Robbeloth are both in their first term. Morgan is in his second, but it’s his first elected term as he filled a vacancy when he initially took his post.
Morgan is the only member remaining from the previous board which was characterized by tempestuous meetings and controversy along with substantial grant awards and a number of elaborate efforts to improve town services.
Morgan, Kirkham and Robbeloth have conducted amiable and to-the-point meetings since being united in office and emphasize that they expect to continue a positive working relationship.