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Old Capital debuts two dazzling new holes

Old Capital debuts two dazzling new holes
Old Capital debuts two dazzling new holes
The second shot heading into the par-4, No. 9 green, above, at Old Capital Golf Club will have to clear three ponds, three waterfalls and a babbling brook. Both No. 8 and No. 9 holes were reconfigured and will debut to the public this weekend. (Photo by Alan Stewart)

‘Major construction on the golf course, itself, is complete.’
Those were the words of Douglas T. Breeden on Thursday afternoon as he tapped in a couple of putts on the newly-completed No. 9 hole at Old Capital Golf Club in Corydon. The final hole on the front side, as well as No. 8, underwent massive renovation to lengthen and toughen the course.
Barring any setbacks with the weather, the holes will open to the general public this coming weekend, said course manager and club pro Troy Newport.
Breeden, who partnered with Mark Wiseman to purchase the club in September 1998 for $1.35 million, said the two new holes are part of what he believes to be one of the finer courses in Southern Indiana, as well as the state.
Breeden is now the sole owner of the course.
‘I’m really happy. Both of these holes turned out better than I expected. This will be a good finishing hole,’ Breeden said.
The course first opened in 1946 and was known as the Corydon Country Club. The original course had sand putting surfaces, and would have to be smoothed out by the last player in each group before going on to the next hole. Traditional greens were installed in 1957.
In 1995, the club purchased additional land and added nine holes, making it an 18-hole, par-72 course.
After Breeden and Wiseman’s purchase was complete in December 1998, the face of the place would begin to change. The design of the course was modified in many aspects: ponds, bunkers and hundreds of trees were added and the course was lengthened.
In 1996, the course measured 6,091 yards from the blue tees. With the current layout, the blue tees come in at 6,378. For braver souls, black tees push the yardage to 6,732.
Lengthened from a 386-yard, par-4 hole, new No. 8 is quite a bit beefier: it’s now a 506-yard, par-5 monster with a large pond surrounding the entire front side the green.
Things don’t get any easier on the final hole of the front side, with No. 9 changing from a 523-yard, par-5 to a 368-yard, par-4, with three collection ponds and a babbling brook lining the left side of the fairway. Even if golfers are able to miss the watery graves, the undulating green will make par a good score.
While the course itself likely won’t see any more major changes ‘ outside of possibly flipping the front and back sides ‘ more construction on and near the course is coming.
‘I’m envisioning one day having a large clubhouse up there where the scoreboard is, where you have a big deck outside and looking down on the big finish,’ Breeden said. ‘We’ll have a clubhouse up there and condominiums one day, where on the other side people can live and have a porch or deck where they can look out and watch people play.
‘This is a stadium golf setup, and this is a place where people can be up on the deck or sitting here on the hillside and watching the finish.’
Breeden said a new clubhouse and spa is probably about five years away, and then the condominium buildings are about 15 or 20 years off.
‘I think this is competitive with some very good golf courses. I’ve heard some people say that we are in the top five golf courses in Southern Indiana and I believe that to be true. I play a lot of nice golf courses in North Carolina and across the country and even around the world, and this is competitive with a lot of the very nice courses,’ Breeden said. ‘I know growing up here, people felt like this course was short, it was a little second-rate, it was great for Corydon and the surrounding area. Now I think we have a real, first-class course for Corydon and the surrounding area and a course that will be a real draw. I think we’ve got that.’
Present for the grand opening of the two new holes were Breeden, and his wife, Josie, John Breeden (Vice President Old Capital Ventures, LLC), Dwight Breeden (Vice President Old Capital Ventures, LLC), Troy Newport (General Manger for OCGC), P. Andrew Rideout (Superintendent for OCGC), Monica Harmon (Controller Old Capital Ventures, LLC), Bud Bennett, Michael Wiseman, Mark Wiseman, Sam Eckart, Larry Harmon, and Tom Butt.