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Missing teen, woman found after fleeing to Mexico

Jim and Lou Ann Rose of Corydon sat stoically in the circuit courtroom of Judge H. Lloyd (Tad) Whitis Monday as they awaited the outcome of an appearance by their 17-year-old son’s alleged lover, Angela Durbin Luallen, 37, also of Corydon.
She was wanted there for allegedly violating the court’s order in December that she have no contact with the boy.
Luallen and Johnathan Rose were taken into custody at the Texas border last week as they tried to re-enter the United States from Mexico, where they apparently had been staying since Johnathan was last seen in New Albany, at Prosser School of Technology, on Jan. 13.
Luallen said in court Monday that she is expecting a child in October.
The two were picked up and returned by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. Friday night, said Harrison County Sheriff G. Michael Deatrick.
Judge Whitis said money posted as bond may be used to reimburse the taxpayers for the costs of returning the two from Texas. Deatrick said he will calculate the expenses as soon as possible for the court.
Johnathan Rose also appeared in juvenile court Monday, but those hearings are closed.
Lou Ann Rose said yesterday she and her husband, Jim, ‘feel better because we know where Johnathan’s at, and he’s safe.
‘We’re pretty upset knowing he’s not going to be home.’
And, she said, ‘I’m pretty upset with the way things have gone.’
Luallen was released from jail after her parents, Henry and Pat Durbin, posted a $5,000 cash bond set by Whitis in the circuit court matter and another $5,000 cash to insure Luallen’s appearance in Superior Court on a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Judge Roger Davis has set that case for a hearing in July and a jury trial in September.
Rose said she’s upset that her son is still in custody at the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center while Luallen is free. And he will likely be there until a hearing on May 16, after which she expects him to be sent elsewhere.
She said Johnathan, while at a juvenile center in Hidalgo, Texas, told her by telephone he wanted to come home.