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Trusty continues to improve after insurgent attack

U.S. Marine Cpl. Bryan Trusty continues to improve each day at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.
Trusty, 21, was badly wounded April 2 when Iraqi insurgents launched a surprise attack on the big Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Trusty and two other soldiers were in a guard tower on the outside prison wall when they were wounded by a hand grenade explosion. Trusty suffered shrapnel wounds in his face, forehead and brain stem, and all over his body.
He had emergency surgery in Baghdad and again at a military hospital Germany before he was flown to Bethesda for more procedures. His father and stepmother, Steve and Mary Trusty of Corydon, his mother and stepfather, Deborah and John Hall of Louisville, and Bryan’s brother, Adam, 26 joined him there.
Mary Trusty said yesterday that Bryan sat up in a chair yesterday for a total of five hours and took four steps with the help of a nurse. He still uses a feeding tube. His tracheotomy tube now has a speaker valve so he can start using his vocal cords. Mary said he has talked, in addition to communicating with his eyes and an alphabet board that also has common phrases, words and pictures.
When he is released from Bethesda depends on his progress, but Mary said she wouldn’t be surprised if he were released pretty soon to either a military hospital in Tampa, Fla., or home in Corydon.
Ironically, the medic who is credited with saving Trusty’s life is in a room next to him at Bethesda. He was injured after he had tended to Trusty. Trusty could have come home early this month with his unit but had volunteered to extend his tour as a guard at the prison because they were needed.
Mary said her stepson has gotten cards from all over the country from people they don’t know (he got about 50 yesterday), and a Congressman from Florida came to visit.
Trusty is on several church prayer chains. ‘I feel a lot stronger knowing that everbody, not just us, is thinking about him,’ Mary said.
Almost two weeks ago, Trusty was taken off the ventilator. A couple of days later, he was alert and seemed much improved. Mary said, ‘It was like God had laid His hand on him and said, ‘Come on now, Bryan, let’s get with the program.’ It was awesome. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, just seeing him come around.’