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Some days are bad, and then get worse

Things don’t always go as you plan; in fact, most of the time things don’t go as I plan ‘ and if things can go wrong, they usually do.
Last Wednesday, my only day off, I had plans to spend time with my friend Pam Trostle ‘ breakfast and maybe get some much needed shopping in. I got up early and met her at her home in Corydon.
Before we could start our planned day, she had a doctor’s appointment early that morning. OK, no problem, we’ll be there on time, get in and get out within half an hour to an hour. We’ve got all day.
So off we go to the doctor’s office in New Albany. With her appointment supposedly at 10:45 a.m., we sit for about 30 minutes before the receptionist tells us the appointment was for 11:45 a.m. OK, no big deal, we were early, and breakfast was sounding pretty good about then. So we decide to go to a restaurant up the road. She has coffee and a cinnamon roll; I have hot chocolate. (McDonald’s has the best hot chocolate, especially on a cold morning.) We decide to have a drink to tide us over and then go for a real breakfast after the appointment.
We return to the doctor’s office and sit for another hour plus before they call her in to see the doctor. After a few minutes, she comes out ‘ not in a good mood, mind you ‘ having a few words with the nurse because she has to go across the road to the hospital for a test ‘because the doctor needs the test results before he can even see you,’ the nurse says. Her demeanor is not so nice either. She tells Pam to get the test and come back and they’ll get her in right away. Had they told her to get the test the first time we were in the office, we would have gone to the hospital instead of the restaurant.
The day just keeps getting better.
At the hospital, Pam ‘ surprise! ‘ has to register at the desk, fill out some papers, and take them to the lab. OK, this is procedure. No problem.
She gets to the lab, registers again, and hands the clerk her paperwork. A few minutes later, we’re told we need to go down the long hallway and make a left to the main lab ‘ we were in the wrong lab. Imagine that! Off we go on our new journey. We finally find the main lab and enter a small waiting room. Pam registers again. This time, they want her identification with a picture. (Mind you, this is just a minor test.) She shows her license, but they need more identification. She pulls out her Social Security card, which, by the way, has been mauled by her dog, so it’s not in good condition. In fact, it’s only half a card. The nurse behind the counter looks at Pam like she’s crazy. I can’t hold back, I laugh so hard tears stream down my face.
Finally, she gets through the lab I.D. process. We sit and wait. It is now almost 2 p.m. We talk about how this day has gone. We are both laughing hysterically.
The lab folks tell Pam everything is fine, and now she has to go back to the doctor’s office. ‘Oh, my God,’ she says. ‘I have to go back to where that mean old nurse is.’ I just look at her and we start laughing again.
Remember now, we arrived at the doctor’s office at about 10:30 a.m. the first time.
Back to the office we go. We drop into the first two seats in the room as all the other seats are taken. We talk and watch the time and the other patients come and go. We are laughing so hard about our disastrous day that people are beginning to stare. We don’t care ‘ we’ve earned this laugh today! It is down to about two people left in the waiting room when the nurse finally calls Pam into the room and says the doctor is ready to talk to her now.
She is back in five minutes.
Now let’s see, five hours to talk to the doctor for five minutes. Hmm.
We’re laughing so hard that tears run down our faces.
Instead of breakfast, now it’s time for dinner.
One more stop ‘ Wal-Mart’s pharmacy. This should only take 20 to 30 minutes. We can visit with some people there while we wait, shop and browse around.
It is now about 4:30 p.m. We get to the prescription counter ‘ you guessed it. It couldn’t be that simple. Wrong prescription. So we have to wait another 15 to 20 minutes for the correct prescription. We just can’t believe how the day has gone.
Nothing has gone as planned.
The only thing worse than this day would be to go into a grocery and hear over the speaker: ‘The woman in the macaroni and cheese aisle, please exit the store.’ You look around and realize the place is empty ‘ they’re talking to you! So you head for the exit and see that the place is surrounded by police. There’s been a bomb threat. You guessed it. That’s exactly what happened to Pam.
Next day off, we’re thinking about spending some time at a chiropractor’s office next week. I can hardly wait.