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Now’s the time for Corydon to have a little fun

‘I don’t usually remember a whole lot about the crowd. But I remember that there were 13 seconds left in the game, and I looked up into the stands and all of our fans ‘ from one end to the other and from bottom to top ‘ had their hands over their mouths like this.’
Those words are from Corydon junior guard Megan Greer after Saturday night’s scintillating championship victory at the Jasper Regional, and the ‘like this’ is that look sports fans get when they are at the end of their collective wits at the conclusion of a tight game: mouth agape, covered by a prayer-like clasp of the hands.
As we now know, the Lady Panthers held on to a slim lead and trimmed the No. 4 Class 3A team in the state, Evansville Memorial, to avenge last season’s loss to the same squad in the regional championship game.
On Saturday, Corydon travels to Southport for a date against unranked Mount Vernon (Fortville), for an opportunity at a berth at the state final the following week.
Several years ago, this season was pointed to as the season of all seasons, with a roster that featured talented Dana Beaven and a stellar class of gamers who went 61-0 through their pre-high school careers. If there would be a year to remember, 2004-2005 would be it.
Along with the tremendous expectations coming into the tournament two weeks ago, there was unheralded pressure ‘ some unwarranted ‘ for the team to simply waltz through the sectional at Silver Creek this season.
One player told her mother that she almost couldn’t enjoy playing at the sectional because she was so focused on winning. If her team didn’t win, she said, ‘We would let so many people down.’
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Corydon’s players have lived up to and exceeded expectations all of their lives. They are all excellent students and ambassadors for our community.
On the court, they’ll fight, scratch and claw for every possession. Off the court, you couldn’t find better or nicer people.
This coming Saturday, the Lady Panthers shouldn’t feel any pressure to win for their school. They don’t have to win for their town. They don’t have to win for Harrison County. They don’t have to win for their family, their friends nor their fans.
When the ball is tipped at Southport, it’s time to be just a tad selfish (and I don’t mean with the ball). They should play for themselves, enjoy the experience and not worry about what the rest of the world thinks.
We’re just along for the ride.
Win or lose, as long as they go out and give 100 percent on every play ‘ which they always seem to do ‘ they’ve still won in the hearts and minds of all of their fans.
At this point of the season, it’s all about having fun.
On Monday night, I asked a player who took part in the 2003 Class 3A Southport Semi-state if she could give Corydon’s players a couple bits of wisdom as they gear up for the biggest game of their lives.
Kim McMillin was a senior on the North Harrison club that went undefeated in the regular season in 2003. She had the game of a lifetime at the semi-state that year and solidified a spot on The Indianapolis Star Indiana All-Star Team.
McMillin offered up a few insights on the semi-state to her former rivals, things she knows now that she wishes she knew then.
‘The atmosphere is insane,’ she said. ‘Don’t be intimidated by the crowd when you run out. As soon as the tip goes up, you don’t notice anyone else in the gym.’
‘Play every possession, every second, like it could decide the game. But don’t forget to continue to do the things that got you there in the first place.
‘The experiences you will have leading up to and during this tournament will be with you the rest of your life. Live it up!
‘Last, but not least, remember to be thankful for the community support that continues to cheer you on. The fans make it all worthwhile.’
Awesome words, from an awesome young lady, for an awesome team. Now, kick ‘er sideways and go have fun!
— Win or lose, there will be a celebration held for Corydon’s girls basketball team next Thursday, March 4, at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium.
— Wouldn’t it be great to have Corydon’s amazing fan base put its rivalry aside and support Charlestown in the first game of the Southport Semi-state?
Conversely, it’d be awesome if Lady Pirate fans stuck around for the second game to give Corydon’s girls a boost.
I don’t know how well the idea would go over, but each fan of both schools could bring along either a blue shirt (if they are a Corydon fan) or a gold shirt (if they pull for Charlestown) and have one heck of a towel-waving section at the Southport Fieldhouse.
Just the student sections alone could give quite a lift.
The Mid-Southern Conference is the only league in the state with two teams still standing, so why not show some additional pride for a relatively local club?