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Police look for woman, 36, boy, 17

Police look for woman, 36, boy, 17
Police look for woman, 36, boy, 17
Angela Luallen

An apparent May/December romance has the worried parents of a Corydon teenager searching for his whereabouts.
Johnathan Daniel Louis Rose, 17, and Angela Durbin Luallen, 36, are believed to be together, said Johnathan’s mother, Lou Ann Rose of Corydon. She and Johnathan’s father, Jim Rose, have no idea where the two might be.
The son has been missing since Jan. 13 at about 8 a.m., when he was last seen getting off the school bus at Prosser School of Technology in New Albany. His mother said he went in the front door and out a side door.
A student on the school bus heard him talking to her on the phone, Rose said, adding the student knew who Johnathan was talking to judging from the conversation.
Johnathan and Luallen became romantically involved after he went to work a year ago at the restaurant she managed in Corydon, his mother said.
A charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor was filed Jan. 26 in Harrison Superior Court against Luallen and a warrant issued on the misdemeanor charge. She remained at large yesterday.
The case remains under investigation, said Indiana State Police Trooper Shelley Romero. Additional charges will likely be filed in Floyd County, because that is where Johnathan was last seen, but Romero could not elaborate on what those charges might be.
Police do not believe Johnathan is in danger of physical harm, Romero said.
‘This started in July, as far as we can tell,’ Johnathan’s mother said. ‘He had never been in trouble; he had never given us any problems.
‘We didn’t know anything about it until Nov. 1,’ Rose said, adding that she and her husband confronted Johnathan, but the relationship continued.
‘He just kept telling me he just wanted to be with her,’ Rose said.
A delinquency petition was filed in juvenile court, and on Nov. 29, he was sent to Wyandotte House, a safe house for children, for a week. Luallen was ordered not to have any contact with him, Rose said. But the two continued to see each other, Rose said, and he was again placed in Wyandotte House on Jan. 7. That’s where the boy was staying when he left Prosser on Jan. 13, Rose said.
On Jan. 25, Johnathan failed to show up for a juvenile court hearing and, even though she had been subpoenaed to appear as a witness, Luallen also failed to show up, Rose said.
Rose said she requested and got an order from circuit court for Luallen to have no contact with her son. Luallen asked for a court hearing on the matter but did not show up for that hearing.
The Superior Court case has been marked confidential and all but an unsigned document filed with the court has been placed in an envelope inside the file.
According to the unsigned statement, Luallen is accused of contributing to the child’s delinquency by causing him to disobey the ‘reasonable and lawful commands’ of his parents by repeatedly lying to his parents about his whereabouts, his continued contact with the defendant, and by ‘disrupting’ a meeting between the child, his parents and their attorney.
Crawford County Prosecutor Jim Montgomery has been named special prosecutor in the Harrison County criminal court case. Attorney Ronald W. Simpson is special prosecutor in the juvenile court case.
As to the exclusion of information in the file, under a new ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court, effective Jan. 1, certain information must be kept from the public. That includes Social Security numbers and, with the exception of names, information such as a witness or victim’s address, phone number, date of birth or other information which explicitly identifies them in criminal cases, including domestic violence, stalking and/or sexual assault, and juvenile or civil protection order proceedings.
Johnathan, five-feet, six-inches tall and about 160 pounds, has brown eyes and brown hair. On Jan. 13, he was wearing black jeans, a yellow shirt with an orange dragon on the front and white tennis shoes, Rose said.
Anyone with information concerning the teenager’s whereabouts is urged to contact the state police at 1-800-872-6743.