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Police have suspect in Corydon burglary spree

Windows were smashed and doors pried at seven downtown Corydon businesses in apparent burglary efforts during a three-week span through Jan. 9. One business was visited twice, and a burglary months ago also appears related. The result is a total of five break-ins and four burglaries.
The crimes appear to be connected, and Corydon Chief Marshal Jim Kendall said his department has a suspect. The individual has not been arrested but is believed to live in town and may be working with others.
In each case, vandalism occurred only as a result of an attempt to gain entry to the business or access to the cash register. No business has reported stolen inventory ‘ only cash, credit card information and checks payable to the business.
The most recent burglaries and attempted break-ins, on Jan. 9, were discovered around 10 a.m. the next day when an officer investigated a vandalized front door at a business on the square.
The business had been targeted along with three others in December when the back door had been pried unsuccessfully. At that time, property owner Darrell Conrad remarked, ‘They’ll be trying the front door next.’
Despite being badly damaged, a pane of glass in the front door did not give away, and the business was not entered.
On the same street, a display window was broken and that business was entered. Cash was taken from a drawer.
Several blocks away, a Poplar Street business was entered and searched, and a nearby business on Mulberry Street was burglarized with a safe and register pried open. Both businesses were entered through forced windows.
Contents from one of the businesses were found discarded along Indian Creek Trail, leading officers to believe the person or persons involved were on foot and traveled by the walking path during a portion of the spree.
As early as Sept. 22, 2004, a burglary was reported downtown which is believed to have been carried out by the same person or persons.
Kendall said his officers have increased the foot patrol. He said business owners should remove all their cash at night and post that they’ve done so.
Also in downtown Corydon, radios were stolen out of at least four automobiles since Jan. 1, according to the Corydon Police Dept.
Capt. James Sadler said those thefts are occuring throughout Harrison County, and he did not believe they were connected to the burglaries.