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HCH gets ultra-fast CT scanner

Harrison County Hospital has acquired the newest technology in CT scanning, the $750,000 LightSpeed16 CT system, due to be up and running on Feb. 7.
According to HCH radiologist Dr. Christopher Day, ‘It’s so state-of-the-art that this will be the first of its kind on this side of the Ohio River.’
He knows of only two in Louisville.
Day said it’s all about speed, image quality, and software capability.
‘The speed and ease with which a patient can come in, get a scan, and walk out is the biggest thing,’ he said. ‘Also image quality. It provides for more detail of the human anatomy. This more advanced computer technology provides three-dimensional pictures that are far better than the ones from the conventional CT. Now we can add future software to allow even more non-invasive ways to look inside the body.’
Patients will appreciate its high-speed imaging.
Clyde Melton, manager of diagnostic imaging at HCH, said, ‘It’s nose to toes, in 26 seconds.’
In other words, a whole body scan that used to take 20 minutes now takes 26 seconds. A chest scan that used to require a series of breath holds is now accomplished in one breath. And, in addition to faster scan times and vastly improved image quality, it offers better capability in working with stroke victims, more body coverage, and the capacity to accommodate future applications in advanced cardiac scanning, virtual colonography, and CT angiography, Melton said.
The LightSpeed16 CT system is the fourth evolution of GE’s award-winning LightSpeed CT platform, the CT scanning system that revolutionized the industry in 1998.
Originally developed in the 1970s, CT or ‘CAT’ scans combine the power of x-ray technology and computers, allowing physicians the ability to view wafer-thin cross-sections of internal anatomy without the need for surgery.
CT exams are used when people are ill or injured, or when a doctor suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable from a normal physical examination.
The LightSpeed16 CT scanner provides exceptionally high resolution images that help doctors to more accurately diagnose patients than ever before.
‘The addition of the LightSpeed16 CT system compliments and extends the high range of quality diagnostic services that Harrison County Hospital offers the residents of Harrison and Crawford counties in Indiana and Meade County, Ky.,’ said Laurie Eckart, manager for community and medical staff development, noting the recent addition of the on-site MRI. ‘It fits with the hospital’s efforts to expand services to meet the needs of our growing community.’