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Fred Cammack elected town council president for 30th consecutive time

Fred Cammack was elected president of the Corydon Town Council Monday night.
That’s not big news. It’s happened before. Thirty times.
He has served on the town council for 30 years, and he’s been elected president each of those 30 years. If he finishes out his present term, he will have served on the council for 32 years, far and away a record for a town trustee. If he finishes the next three years as president, he will have been president for 32 years, a record matched only by Robert A. Pastrick, the popular Democrat mayor of East Chicago who lost a special court-ordered primary election last fall. Pastrick first took office in 1972 and was mayor for 32 years.
Cammack, 65, first took office Jan. 1, 1976.
On Monday night, he was unanimously elected president, 5-0, to the $31,000 a year post. In 30 years, he has never missed a regular town council meeting, although he may have felt like it on Monday night because he’s being treated for sinusitis.
He was also elected to a seat on the River Hills Regional Plan Commission for the 23rd year. He is now the senior member of that board.
Although he was encouraged to make a statement, Cammack declined. Town attorney Ronald Simpson, who provides most of the humor at town council meetings, encouraged ‘hizzoner’ to hurry the meeting along because there was an important TV show he wanted to watch.