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Depauw couple wins first Baby Contest

Depauw couple wins first Baby Contest
Depauw couple wins first Baby Contest
Daniel and Amanda Rogers are the proud parents of Madison Elizabeth Rogers, the first baby born at Harrison County Hospital in 2005. (Photo by Randy West)

Amanda and Daniel Rogers of Depauw found out they were going to have a child after they’d been in a serious car wreck.
They were driving home from church late one night last April when a deer darted in front of their car on newly graveled Louden’s Chapel Road, and they hit a tree, totaling their car.
Amanda was driving and she wasn’t hurt seriously, although the steering wheel gave her a black eye and she was bruised from the seat belt. But she was worried because she suspected she was pregnant. Daniel didn’t know.
She remembers telling him that night, ‘Daniel, we might have a little problem … ‘
Later, she began to cry a lot and get sick at work at Jasper Transmission near Carefree. Daniel insisted that he take her to the Harrison County Hospital Emergency Room for an exam. Tests revealed no injuries or sickness, but she was 4-1/2 months pregnant.
Amanda started having contractions on Sunday and came to the hospital. On Monday, at 4:22 p.m., after an eight-hour labor, Amanda, 19, gave birth to Madison Elizabeth Rogers, a healthy, seven-pound, 14.6-ounce baby girl. She’s 18-3/4 inches long. Madison wasn’t officially due to arrive until Jan. 26.
Dr. Gary Van Gaasbeek, the Corydon obstetrician-gynecologist, was the attending physician. Van Gaasbeek has been very busy of late. Twenty-seven babies were born at HCH in December, and Van Gaasbeek was there for 18 of them. Around the HCH Dillman Obstetrics Pavilion, joked OB Clinical Coordinator Brenda Billner, Van Gaasbeek is known as ‘The Big Deliverer.’
Billner said no one recalls what happened 10 months ago, in March of ’04, to cause the, uh, outburst, but with many couples snowbound during the recent snowstorm, the OB department is gearing up for another big round in nine months. ‘Late September should be another booming month,’ Billner said.
The hospital hasn’t had this many babies in one month since the 1980s. The average is 10 or 15 a month, Billner said.
Madison is Amanda and Daniel’s first baby. As the first baby born at HCH in 2005, Amanda and Daniel won The Corydon Democrat’s First Baby of the Year Contest. Their many gift certificates from local businesses include a ride home in a Sunnyside Connections stretch limo.
‘We’re excited about having her,’ said Daniel, 19, a marinator at Tyson Foods in Corydon. ‘It was a little scary, but we’re excited,’ said Amanda, now a housewife. They’re hoping for a boy next time.
Madison’s grandparents are Donnie and Rita Noble of Depauw, Elsie Rogers of Marengo and the late Eldon Rogers. Madison is the first grandchild on both sides of the family.
Anna Wiseman of Corydon came closest to guessing Madison’s weight in the ‘Weigh In Here’ contest.
The second baby to be born at HCH is Evan Kenneth Knieriem, son of Melody and Jeff Knieriem, also of Depauw. Evan was born Tuesday at 8:10 a.m. by scheduled cesarean section, with Van Gaasbeek again the attending physician. His nurse assistants were Judy Roberts, R.N., and Donna McGaha, R.N.
Evan Knieriem has a brother, Jeffery, 3. The maternal grandparents are Everett and Marie Cox of Depauw, and the paternal grandparents are Russell and Juanita Knieriem of Leopold.