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Chicken houses hit

Chicken houses hit
Chicken houses hit
Debris is cleared from the site of a chicken house collapse at Doug Henricksen's farm south of Corydon. All 22,000 chickens were lost to the collapse or were euthanized after suffering from exposure. (Photo by Charles Ewry)

Wet and heavy snow up to 20 inches in Harrison County and 28 inches in Crawford County was too much for some roofs to bear, and the saturated ground that followed the thaw is softening roads.
A Corydon business was damaged. So was a commercial out-building in Palmyra. Nearly two dozen chicken houses were flattened and at least three mobile homes were rendered uninhabitable in Harrison and Crawford.
Karen Cook, director of the Red Cross Buffalo Trace Service Center at Georgetown, which serves Crawford, Floyd and Harrison counties, said her organization continues to work with three families forced from their mobile homes when the roofs collapsed.
The Red Cross center can be reached at 951-2288.
Scott Sarles of Elizabeth was visited by an insurance adjuster Monday after the snow collapsed a portion of his roof, causing siding to fracture from the exterior. His home was determined a total loss, but most of the contents were salvaged, said his wife, Debra.
‘We have two Tyson-owned farms in Crawford County with a total of 24 houses, and 19 of those are on the ground. They were out of service so there were no chickens involved. All houses that fell were more than 30 years old,’ said David Whittington, manager of Tyson Foods’ Corydon plant.
One of Doug Henricksen’s three chicken houses south of Corydon collapsed. He lost 22,000 chickens but maintains almost 50,000 more. He is a contract grower for Tyson and has insurance.
Another Harrison County grower, Eddie Hoehn, lost only five of 7,000 pullets in a partial roof collapse. And a house in use by a contract grower in Washington County also went down, Whittington said, but no numbers for losses were given.
Potholes, drainage problems and ‘nothing extraordinary’ were reported by the Harrison County Highway Dept.
Crawford County District 1 Commissioner Larry Bye said Monday the highway department was repairing damaged equipment and soft spots that developed on county roadways after the ground became saturated.
Bye said officials have yet to determine all the roads that suffered damage and to what degree, although he did say he believes that currently no roads are any more dangerous than others.
Indiana Gov. Joe Kernan asked President Bush to declare a snow emergency to provide aid for 50 counties in Southern and Central Indiana.
Based on State Emergency Management Agency estimates, all 50 counties will qualify for partial reimbursement for expenses incurred with snow removal and rescue efforts. Crawford, Floyd, Harrison and Washington were among those listed.