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‘Carl, we’re going to miss you’

‘Carl, we’re going to miss you’
‘Carl, we’re going to miss you’
Carl Duley

Moving forward, that’s what Carl Duley of Corydon believes in doing. Whether it’s his personal life, his work or what he considers to be in the best interest for Harrison County.
During his two terms on the Harrison County Council, Duley did his part in supporting projects that he believed were progressive. That included road improvements, equipment for police and firefighters, county-wide ambulance service, an animal control facility (expected to open later this month), and the new hospital, provided it didn’t end up on the taxpayer’s bill.
‘The council has to be convinced that (projects are) good for the county before they will give the money,’ Duley said prior to the General Election in November. ‘ … we would be derelict in our job if we didn’t try to hold down costs and hold taxes down, which we do.’
Now Duley will have to help the county move forward as a private citizen, because he lost his bid for a third term as an at-large member of the council. In the five-person race, two other incumbents ‘ Democrat Carl (Buck) Mathes and Republican Rhonda Rhoads ‘ were re-elected, and political newcomer Chris Timberlake, a Democrat, won the third at-large seat.
Last week, at his last council meeting, Duley said he had been dreading that night. Not one at a loss for words, Duley thanked his fellow council members ‘for putting up’ with him for eight years.
Duley said he had gained ‘a lot of knowledge’ during his two terms. That’s because Duley took his elected position seriously and educated himself on the issues. He wasn’t afraid to ask questions, and he was a stickler for detail, double-checking and researching the issues that came before him. He often met with department heads to scrutinize requests before the council held its formal budget hearings.
It was that attention to detail that helped land him the vice chair position and chair of the council’s salary committee. He contributed greatly to the annual budget hearings. He was one to check out the whys and wherefores of those requests.
His Republican friends and colleagues recognized his contributions to the work of the council and respected his thoroughness. Council chair Gary Davis said the council ‘relied on Carl.’ He’d been ‘a good friend’ and ‘we will miss his participation in the meetings.’
Davis concluded his comments last week by saying, ‘Carl, we’re going to miss you.’
The missing will be a two-way street because Duley will miss his servant leadership role as a councilman. He’s hinted that we haven’t seen the last of him. Who knows where he’ll show up, but you can bet he’ll be working to help move Harrison County forward.
‘I want to make this county better for my grandkids, and I think I have done some of that,’ Duley said last October. ‘I like seeing the end result after we’ve solved the challenge. That is the measure of your success.’
We think Duley has been successful in moving the county forward, and we look forward to seeing what he does next. And we wish him the best.