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Officials to be sworn in

Newly-elected government officials will take the oath of office tomorrow (Thursday) at 6 p.m. in the courtroom of Harrison Circuit Court Judge H. Lloyd (Tad) Whitis in Harrison County Court House in Corydon.
The officials who have been invited to the ceremony are:
Judge Whitis (to be sworn in by judge pro tem Maryland Austin Scharf);
Harrison Circuit Court Clerk Sherry L. Brown of Corydon;
Harrison County Recorder Barbara J. Mathes of Corydon;
Harrison County Coroner Stephen W. Hamm of Palmyra;
Harrison County Surveyor Thomas O. Bube of Corydon;
First District Commissioner James E. Goldman of Depauw;
Second District Commissioner J.R. Eckart of Corydon;
Council-at-large Carl (Buck) Mathes of Corydon;
Council-at-large Rhonda J. Rhoads of Corydon, and
Council-at-large Chris Timberlake of Corydon.
In addition, these members of the South Harrison Community School Corp. will be sworn in:
Willliam T. (Bill) Fleace of Laconia, representing District 2;
Jeffery L. Brown of Elizabeth, District 3, and
Larry R. Hauswald, Corydon, District 4.
A reception will be held at 7 p.m. at Old Capitol United Methodist Church on Heidelberg Road, Corydon. At that time, Randy West, editor of The Corydon Democrat, will sing the praises of President George Bush while cleaning out a toilet with a brush and cleanser provided by the Harrison County Republican Central Committee.
West put his domestic services up for auction at the Corydon Presbyterian Church’s ‘time and talent’ fund-raiser, and Scharf was the top bidder ($150).