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Corydon Central swim teams off to fast start

Corydon Central’s boys finished second and the girls were third in a three-way meet at Southridge on Dec. 16.
Tell City’s boys were victorious after notching 115 points. Corydon scored 71 and Southridge put up 68.
Brad Zimmerman, Philip Barth, George Tuell and Nathan Ettinger won the 200 medley relay in 2:07.66.
In the 200 freestyle relay, Zimmerman, Tyler Jensen, Barth and Ettinger triumphed in a time of 1:51.91.
Later, Ettinger scored a win in the 50 freestyle in 25.10, and a win in the 100 freestyle in 54.98.
Zimmerman won the 100 fly in 1:14.9 and took the top spot in the 100 backstroke in 1:05.31.
Tuell was fourth in the same race.
Barth wound up third in the 100 breaststroke and fourth in the 200 individual medley.
Tuell and Jensen were sixth and fifth, respectively, in the mens 20 freestyle.
Jensen was fifth in the 100 free.
Southridge was the winner on the girls side with 157 points, followed by Tell City (114) and Corydon.
Alaine Burch, Iris Partin, Sarah VanGaasbeek and Rachel Rosenbaum were fourth in the 200 medley relay. Teammates Hallie Frazier, Leslie Radcliff, Sharon Brown and Betsy Craig were sixth in the event.
Craig, Brown, Partin and Frazier were fifth in the 200 freestyle relay.
Amanda Huff was fifth in the 200 freestyle.
Burch was fifth in the 500 freestyle.
Craig was fifth in the 200 individual medley.
Frazier came home fifth and Hess was sixth in the 50 freestyle.
VanGaasbeek was fourth and Partin turned in a fifth-place finish in the 100 butterfly.
Later, VanGaasbeek recorded a third in the 100 breaststroke. Burch was fourth.
Rosenbaum turned in a fifth in the 100 freestyle, and teammate Brown was sixth in the event.
Rosenbaum also paired up with Partin, Burch and VanGaasbeek for a fourth in the 400 freestyle relay.
In the same event, Huff, Hess, Frazier and Craig were sixth.
Corydon Central’s boys and girls swim teams swept Scottsburg, Salem and Silver Creek in a four-way meet at the Scott County YMCA on Dec. 14.
The boys defeated Salem, 79-22, knocked off Scottsburg, 78-30, and shredded Silver Creek, 76-20.
Corydon’s Barth, Tuell, Ettinger and Zimmerman paired up to win the 200 yard medley relay in 2:11.6.
The quartet of Ettinger, Zimmerman, Mark Rhee and Tyler Jensen triumphed in the 200 freestyle relay with a time of 1:55.98.
Tuell finished second and Rhee was third in the 200 freestyle.
Tuell also finished fourth in the 100 backstroke.
Zimmerman was a winner in the 200 individual medley in 2:31.41, placed second in the 100 backstroke.
Barth was third in the 200 medley and third in the 100 breast stroke.
Ettinger clocked in a victory in the 50 freestyle in 24.50 and in the 100 freestyle (55.96).
Jensen placed fourth in the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle.
Rhee came through with a fifth place finish in the 100 breaststroke.
On the girls side, the Lady Panthers throttled Salem, 112-24, tripped Scottsburg, 100-61, and held off Silver Creek, 98-55.
Burch, Pendleton, Rosenbaum and VanGaasbeek teamed up for a win in the 200 medley relay in 2:17.03.
In the same race, Brown, Huff, Frazier and Brittany Graham wound up fourth.
Burch, Pendleton, Rosenbaum and VanGaasbeek came back in the 200 freestyle relay to record a second-place finish.
LaHue, Brown, Huff and Frazier were fourth in the same race, and came back later to win the 400 freestyle relay in a time of 5:51.14.
Burch was second in the 200 freestyle as well as the 100 backstroke.
Samantha LaHue was fifth in the 200 freestyle.
Rosenbaum and Frazier were second and third, respectively, in the 200 individual medley.
Rosenbaum gutted out a win in the 500 yard freestyle in a time of 6:39.3.
VanGaasbeek won the 100 freestyle in 1:04.9 and was second and Huff was third in the 50 freestyle.
Pendleton claimed a third-place finish in the 100 butterfly as well as the 100 breaststroke
Brown was fifth in the 100 freestyle.
Corydon Central’s girls swim team scored 115 points to defeat N.E. Dubois (86) and North Harrison (67) on December 11.
Here’s a list of results: 200 medley relay ‘ 1. Corydon (Burch, VanGaasbeek, Pendleton, Rosenbaum) 2:15.34; 2. North Harrison (Robertson, Schneider, Gettelfinger, Hall) 2:18.09; 5. Corydon (Graham, Frazier, Huff, Brown) 3:09.61. 200 freestyle ‘ 1. Robertson (NH) 2:27.55; 2. Burch (Co) 2:36.87; 5. LaHue 3:13.51. 200 individual medley ‘ 1. Rosenbaum (Co) 2:47.21; 4. Frazier (Co) 38.03. 50 freestyle (JV) ‘ 1. S. VanGaasbeek 25.51; 2. Schneider (NH) 29.18; 4. Hall (NH) 30.08. 100 butterfly ‘ 1. Schneider (NH) 1:13.66; 4. Pendleton (Co) 1:24.27. 100 freestyle ‘ 3. Brown (Co) 1:20.01; 4. Moore (NH) 1:20.67; 5. LaHue (Co) 1:24.08. 500 freestyle ‘ 1. Rosenbaum (Co) 6:31.26; 2. Robertson (NH) 6:49.70. 200 freestyle relay ‘ 1. Corydon (Burch, Rosenbaum, Pendleton, VanGaasbeek) 2:03.27; 3. North Harrison (Gettlefinger, Hall, Wolsiefer, Moore) 2:16.80; 4. Corydon (LaHue, Hess, Brown, Huff) 2:24.47. 100 backstroke ‘ 1. Burch (Co) 1:16.28; 2. Graham (Co) 1:57.77. 100 breaststroke ‘ 1. Pendleton (Co) 1:27.61; 2. Gettlefinger (NH) 1:27.59; 5. Huff (Co) 2:13.62. 400 freestyle relay ‘ 1. North Harrison (Schneider, Hall, Robertson, Gettlefinger) 4:51.49; 2. Corydon (LaHue, Frazier, Hess, Huff) 5:48.55.
At Silver Creek on Dec. 7, Corydon’s boys defeated Charlestown (74-45), North Harrison (64-56), Scottsburg (68-51) and Silver Creek (73-20) while also being defeated by Jeffersonville (127-38).
Zimmerman, Ettinger, Barth and Jensen came home third in the 200 medley relay.
Zimmerman was also victorious in the 100 backstroke in 1:03.58.
North’s Ryan Dust was fifth in the event and Jensen was 10th for Corydon.
Ettinger touched the wall in second place in the 200 individual medley, and Zimmerman was third in the 50 freestyle.
Corydon’s Garrod Sieveking was 16th in the 50 freestyle as well.
Ettinger came back for a third in the 500 freestyle, Ryan Byrne was fifth for North Harrison in the event, and Corydon’s Barth was sixth overall.
Barth wound up sixth as well in the 100 breaststroke, with teammate Rhee in eighth.
North’s Jason Harrell was fifth in the breaststroke event, and fellow Cougar Shay Barnickle came home 11th.
Tuell was fifth and Rhee was sixth, respectively, for Corydon in the 200 freestyle.
North’s Max Araya and Ryan Dust went 6-7 in the 100 freestyle.
Teammate Dustin Robertson was 10th.
For Corydon in the 100 free, Jensen was ninth and Sieveking was 12th.
In the boys 200 freestyle relay, North Harrison clocked a time of 2:04.61 for fifth place.
Wrapping things up in the boys 400 relay, Corydon’s Tuell, Zimmerman, Ettinger and Jensen were third and North’s Byrne, Cory Beckman, Harrell and Dust were fourth.
The Lady Panthers also scored wins over four of the five teams at Silver Creek on Dec. 7.
Corydon defeated Charlestown (108-34), North Harrison (97-44), Scottsburg (95-52) and Silver Creek (98-44). Jeffersonville walloped the Lady Panthers, 141-30.
VanGaasbeek won the 50 freestyle in 28.18 and North’s Schneider was third in 29.10.
In the same race, LaHue was 10th, Hess was 13th, North’s Jessica Moore was 14th and teammate Amber Gresham was 16th.
VanGaasbeek was runner-up in the 100 freestyle and Robertson came in third for the Lady Cats.
LaHue finished ninth, Brown was 10th and North’s Moore was 11th in the 100 free.
In the 200 medley relay, Burch, Pendleton, VanGaasbeek and Rosenbaum were fourth, North’s Stacy Robertson, Lora Gettlefinger, Jenna Schneider and Ellen Hall were fifth and Corydon’s Brittany Graham, Betsy Craig, Iris Partin and Jessica Hess were eighth.
Rosenbaum was fourth and Craig swam in for a sixth in the 200 individual medley.
Burch was fifth, Huff was eighth and Leslie Radcliff was 10th in the 200 freestyle.
Later, Burch scored a sixth and Graham was 10th in the 100 backstroke
North’s Robertson was sixth in the 200 free.
Schneider had a third in the 100 butterfly
Also in the 100 fly, Pendleton and Partin were sixth and seventh.
Rosenbaum was third in the 500 freestyle.
Burch, Pendleton, Rosenbaum and VanGaasbeek were runner-up in the 200 freestyle relay, and LaHue, Brown, Huff and Hess were seventh.
North’s Gettelfinger, Hall, Moore and Gresham were sixth in the race.
Pendleton finished third in the 100 breaststroke in 1:24 while Gettelfinger was fourth for the Lady Cats.
Craig was eighth in the event.
North Harrison’s Schneider, Hall, Robertson and Gettelfinger paired up for a third-place effort in the 400 freestyle relay.
A pair of Corydon quartets wound up fifth (Huff, Craig, LaHue, Partin) and sixth (Hess, Brown, Frazier, Radcliff).
Corydon’s next meet is Jan. 8 at Jeffersonville.