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Goldman’s enterprise honored at state conference

First District Commissioner James Goldman has been named this year’s ‘Most Enterprising Commissioner’ for his efforts in cleaning up the site where the Wenning Packing Co. meat-packing plant once operated at Central Barren. Most recently, 3B Barrels & Drum operated in the vacated building.
Goldman was presented the award at an Awards Dinner at the 2004 Indiana Association of County Commissioners Annual Conference Nov. 30 through Dec. 2 in Indianapolis.
‘It was gratifying; I was very surprised,’ said Goldman, a dairy farmer who is completing his first term as commissioner. Goldman initiated clean-up of the dilapidated, environmentally hazardous collection of old brick buildings during his first year in office.
‘I didn’t think it would rise to that level,’ Goldman said. ‘The state people who run the county commissioners association, the executive board, makes that decision.
Goldman said he will share the plaque with the county council and his fellow commissioners. ‘Without their help and support behind me in this, we wouldn’t be where we are today,’ he said. ‘I want to recognize their efforts. They were an integral part.’
There are still some fuel tanks to remove from the 26-acre site before the clean-up is complete.
‘My goal is to remove the fuel tanks without spending any county money,’ said Goldman, who has applied for a grant to complete the project.
Goldman was nominated for the award by Darin Duncan, the Harrison County engineer who cited Goldman’s ‘continuing and tireless efforts to clean up an environmental nightmare.’
Duncan also nominated the Harrison County Board of Commissioners (Goldman, J.R. Eckart and Jim Heitkemper) for the 2004 ‘Outstanding Team Effort for a Board of Commissioners’ award for their efforts in bringing an animal control facility to Harrison County.
‘This facility has been one of the most controversial and debated government facilities in our county over the last 20 years or more,’ Duncan said. ‘It has become increasingly important here given that we are becoming a ‘bedroom community’ of Louisville, Ky., and are experiencing higher than average growth rates of population in the county.’
Duncan added: ‘The facility is currently under construction and is expected to be open by January 2005. I believe that this project has definitely involved commitment and cooperation by the commissioners, county council and the Harrison County Community Foundation board of directors,’ who contributed funding to the project.