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County records November downpour in DOC money

Lanesville, Palmyra and Spencer Township gave thanks to the Indiana Dept. of Commerce in November. The three areas received almost $1.3 million combined through the DOC Community Development Block Grant program.
A half-million dollars went to Lanesville where fire hydrants will be replaced and increased, turn-off valves installed, old lines replaced, and a new water tower erected.
Lanesville benefited from the services of the state-funded grant writers at River Hills Economic Development District as did Palmyra and Spencer Township. Lanesville was also assisted by Midwestern Engineers, and the town council and employees reconducted an income survey to benefit consideration.
‘Hopefully, after we put the new lines in, we won’t have the leaks,’ said clerk-treasurer Linda Smith. ‘Right now, if we have a major leak in one part of town, we may have to cut off a majority of the town in order to fix that one,’ she said. The cut-off valves will allow leaks to be isolated.
The additional hydrants may have a favorable impact on homeowners’ insurance premiums. Water pressure should be consistent with no low- pressure problems once the project is complete, Smith said.
‘We are going to start our storm drainage project,’ George Morgan, president of the Palmyra Town Board of Trustees, said after announcing that the town had been awarded the $446,000 DOC grant for which it has fought and once been denied.
In addition to the DOC Community Focus Fund money, the county will provide a match of $68,090 with riverboat funds, ‘which we are very appreciative of,’ Morgan said. Palmyra will kick in $26,478 with local funds and an in-kind match of five percent amounting to $16,630 in labor.
The total for the project is $557,198.
‘We plan to select an engineering group on Dec. 10 to proceed with project engineering. We had a planning grant of $30,000 to Saegesser Engineering of Scottsburg and Salem. I look to be able to let the contract in early spring,’ Morgan said.
Palmyra’s $2.5 million water project is nearing completion.
‘We’ve picked up a couple of short change orders in order to bring water service to a couple of new customers,’ Morgan said, adding that it’s now just a matter of tweaking circulation matters within the system.
Spencer Township Trustee Donald Satterfield received a CCF grant of $265,000 through the Indiana DOC for a new firehouse.
(Township trustees cannot submit applications for block grants, so it was sponsored by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners.)
This is the second time this year a grant application had been submitted; it was not approved during the spring grant cycle.
The $256,000 will fund almost half the $515,000 project. Satterfield said the balance will come from riverboat money approved by the county commissioners. The new firehouse will be built on two acres in Frenchtown across S.R. 337 from St. Bernard Catholic Church.