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Best shopping is here

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can concentrate on what really matters: Christmas shopping. The period between now and Christmas is very important to local businesses, so we would like to encourage everyone to consider doing all or most of their Christmas shopping locally.
Of course, it’s tempting, and traditional, to hop in the car and head for Oxmoor or Clarksville to do all the bulk of your shopping at the malls, but that can be a hassle, and you’ll probably end up buying the same kinds of things you bought last year. Why not branch out a little, at home? What’s fun is to hop in your car and tour various places in Harrison County that have things for sale, from U-cut Christmas trees to scented candles, from scrapbook ’embellishments’ to new and used cars and antiques, and a snake made out of wood with a mouse in its stomach.
If you head out into our nice little communities, preferably to places you’ve never visited before, you will always learn something neat or extraordinary about your neighbors or in that town that you’ve always wanted to explore. You are sure to discover an incredible buy that’s just perfect for someone in your family ‘ probably something you’d never think of otherwise.
If you don’t get out into the community and see what your friends and neighbors are doing (selling or buying) during the holiday season, you’re missing out on being a member of the community during one of, if not the best, time of the year.
Happy holidays.