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David Camm has an uncertain future

David R. Camm, the former Indiana State Police trooper convicted of killing his wife and two children in Georgetown, should learn as early as next week if he will be a free man or be retried for murder.
Camm is serving 195 years in the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, but he is expected to be returned to the Floyd County Jail this week to prepare for next week’s hearing.
Last week, the Indiana Supreme Court declined to consider a lower court’s ruling that overturned Camm’s convictions.
The Indiana Supreme Court ruled in August that evidence ‘ testimony from several women who had had affairs with Camm or was propositioned by him ‘ prejudiced the jury against the former state trooper and was not reasonably related to a motive for the murders.
Then, last week, acting on a request by Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter to review the case, the Indiana Supreme Court voted 4-1 not to take the case,
Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson, who was elected after Camm’s conviction, will decide whether to refile the charges against Camm.
On Monday, Katharine Liell, the lawyer who has been handling Camm’s appeal, filed a motion for his immediate release since there are no current charges against Camm.
If Henderson decides to refile the charges, Liell and attorney Mike McDaniel of Lanesville, who represented Camm two years ago, will file a motion for a bail hearing. (Camm was denied bail during the first trial.) The attorneys said they will also ask for a change of venue.
Camm was sentenced in April 2002 for the Sept. 28, 2000, murders of his wife, Kimberly, 35, seven-year-old son, Bradley, and five-year-old daughter, Jill. He received the maximum number of years, 65, for each murder.
Floyd County Superior Court Judge Susan Orth has recused herself from the case because she was chief deputy prosecutor during Camm’s trial two years ago. The case has been moved to Floyd County Circuit Court.