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Corydon’s Oxford for sale despite strong business

There has been much speculation about and little confirmation of the impending sale of Corydon’s Oxford Automotive plant, but the sale, at least, is no rumor.
‘I can’t confirm anything regarding status of company other than we are for sale ‘ there are interested parties,’ said Ken Abell, Oxford’s human resources manager.
While Abell declined to comment on potential buyers, other sources inside the company said that Dixien Automotive, a Hispanic-owned company based in Georgia, is courting Oxford and negotiating with Oxford’s United Auto Workers local.
‘Oxford Automotive is not a party to any of those discussions,’ Abell said.
‘We are still Oxford Automotive. We are still operating under the same labor agreement that we have with our local UAW here. There have been no changes in relation to personnel, wages or benefits at this time,’ he said.
Where work-force reduction rumors were concerned, Abell said the Corydon plant is currently expanding its numbers.
‘We’ve hired a number of Keller people. In fact, we are putting on 10 new people just next week. We are working very diligently to make sure our customers get their parts delivered. Our orders in the last three or four months have been exceeding our forecasted shipments,’ Abell said.
The sale appears to relate to corporate maneuvering and not to financial solvency at the Corydon plant.