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Wanted: animal control officer with experience

Wanted: animal control officer with experience
Wanted: animal control officer with experience
Billy Houston, right, and his brother, Robert Houston, both of Louisville, hang a gutter yesterday morning at the animal control center in north Corydon. They work for Bob Dadisman Construction Co. (Photo by Randy West)

Construction of the animal control facility off Quarry Road in north Corydon is on schedule and likely will open the first of the new year.
‘The commissioners had better get in gear and get an animal control officer, because we will need one in a couple of months,’ said Commissioner James Goldman, who happens to be the project overseer for the board of commissioners.
Altogether, 43 applications have been received, Goldman said.
‘We’re in the process of selecting candidates for interviews,’ he said.
Once the ‘short list’ is completed, the commissioners will interview the applicants. A few of the applicants have experience working with animals, such as in a veterinarian’s office, but only one has actually been an animal control officer, Goldman said.
The board is also in the process of crafting an animal control ordinance to govern such things as fines, handling dangerous animals, and lost pets or strays that appear adoptable.
‘If we pick up a dangerous or uncontrollable animal, we should have the right to put that one down immediately,’ he said. ‘But if they appear to be adoptable,’ the keep time would be longer.
‘We have a lot of work to be done on it (the ordinance) because we’re simply not on the same page with some of the final details,’ Goldman said.
The $500,000-plus building is on Hope Drive (off Quarry Road) just west of the James L. Shireman Construction Co. complex. Bob Dadisman Construction Co. of Louisville is building the concrete block facility.
‘It is coming along nicely,’ Goldman said. ‘I think people will be surprised when they see it.’
Some people have already seen it and said the building, 3,600 square feet, is much smaller than they expected, Goldman said. ‘They were expecting some giant, extravagant building.’
The cost is related to specialized construction more than the size, Goldman said.