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Corydon marshal halts bank robbers

Corydon marshal halts bank robbers
Corydon marshal halts bank robbers
Indiana State Police Det. Charlie McDaniel takes notes after two men who allegedly robbed a Brandenburg bank Friday afternoon were apprehended by Capt. James Sadler of the Corydon Police Dept. The men, who were driving a Ford Mustang, were stopped on S.R. 135 as they attempted to get on Interstate 64 East. (Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor)

Two men who allegedly robbed a bank in Brandenburg Friday afternoon were apprehended about 25 minutes later in Corydon after the men rammed a stopped vehicle at a busy intersection and the Corydon police captain fired three shots at their car.
The alleged robbery took place just minutes before 2 p.m. at the Meade County Bank, about 20 miles south of Corydon. Two men, identified as Donald T. Jaggers, 40, of Louisville and Bruce R. Rogers, 28, of Clarksville, were armed with a handgun. They left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash, driving a maroon Ford Mustang, according to Corydon Chief Marshal James Kendall.
Capt. James Sadler, who was patrolling Corydon at the time of the dispatch, parked near the intersection of state roads 135 and 62 to watch for the vehicle. When a report was made that the men had crossed the Ohio River into Indiana and the vehicle had not been seen yet, Sadler decided to drive through the parking lots of the banks in north Corydon.
About 20 minutes after the initial dispatch, Sadler saw the vehicle on S.R. 135 at the intersection with S.R. 337. Sadler pulled up behind the vehicle and turned on his lights and siren to make a traffic stop, Kendall said, but the men did not stop.
Instead, Jaggers, who was driving the Mustang, increased his speed, police said. He also drove in the emergency lane to pass slower northbound vehicles.
As the car approached Interstate 64, Jaggers swerved to the left and crossed into the turning lane to get on I-64 East. Jaggers lost control of the car and hit the guard rail, police said.
A white mini-van foiled the men’s attempt to get on the interstate.
W. Wagner of North Carolina said he was stopped at the light, waiting to turn onto the interstate. He noticed vehicles behind him moving out of the way before the rental vehicle he was driving was hit in the rear by the Mustang.
Police said Jaggers ‘rammed’ Wagner’s van twice, trying to push it out of the way.
Sadler got out of his police cruiser and fired three shots at the vehicle ‘to terminate’ any further movement by the suspects, Kendall said.
The two men raised their hands, surrendered and were taken to the Harrison County Jail.
Sadler said he could see a money bag bearing the words ‘Meade County Bank’ laying on the console of the front seat. A large blue .357 revolver was on the floor board.
Wagner had been on his way to catch an 8 o’clock flight at Louisville International Airport. He said it was ‘pretty scary’ to be so close to this type of violent confrontation. He didn’t know until later that shots had been fired.
Sadler, who joined the Corydon Police Dept. in 1987, has been placed on administrative leave, in keeping with department policy, until Indiana State Police complete their investigation, Kendall said.
‘He (Sadler) followed his training,’ Kendall said. ‘He couldn’t have done anything any different.
‘His main concern was the men would be putting others in jeopardy if they got on the interstate,’ he said. ‘Because of his training, he felt he needed to get them stopped.’
Sadler is expected to return to duty tomorrow (Thursday), Kendall said.
The Corydon Police Dept. was assisted by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., and the Indiana State Police processed the suspects’ vehicle, collected evidence and documented the shots fired by Sadler.
ISP Trooper Bill Wibbels, who did the state police report, said Sadler ‘did an excellent job’ in stopping the vehicle and apprehending the two suspects.
One lane of S.R. 135 was shut down about 2-1/2 hours while police took measurements and secured the Mustang.
Jaggers’s initial charges include resisting law enforcement, possession of stolen property, possession of a firearm without a permit, and criminal recklessness, according to Sadler’s report. Initial charges for Rogers include possession of stolen property and possession of a firearm without a permit.
Police said Rogers is an alleged serial bank robber who is a suspect in at least four other robberies in Kentucky and Florida. He was wanted in Floyd County on carjacking charges. Both Rogers and Jaggers have ‘lengthy felony criminal histories,’ police said.
The Kentucky State Police, Elizabethtown post, and the FBI’s Louisville office are investigating the bank robbery.