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Construction on schedule for animal control facility

Construction on schedule for animal control facility
Construction on schedule for animal control facility
Billy Houston, 31, Okolona, Ky., a carpenter with Bob Dadisman Construction Co. of Louisville, last week prepares to drill into a concrete block at the Harrison County animal control facility under construction off Quarry Road in north Corydon. Laborer Mark Richardson, 26, Louisville, has his back to the camera. Roofing and exterior walls are expected to go up this week. (Photo by Jackie Carpenter)

Construction of the animal control facility in north Corydon ‘is on schedule,’ said contractor Bob Dadisman of Louisville last week during an update and tour of the site.
He predicted construction of the $500,000-plus building would be complete by January 2005, barring significant weather delays.
In the meantime, the Harrison County commissioners are preparing to adopt an ordinance setting out animal control regulations as they relate to operation of the facility. For instance, adoption fees must be determined as well as how long an animal must be kept before it is euthanized. If a stray animal that appears to be adoptable is picked up, the animal control officer will have the discretion to keep the animal longer, the commissioners have said.
The facility is off Quarry Road next to the James L. Shireman Construction Co. complex.
The commissioners are also reviewing resum’s of persons interested in becoming the animal control officer. Since no one with experience has applied, the board is extending the time for resum’s to be turned in to the auditor’s office and has advertised for more applicants. ‘Prior animal control experience preferred,’ the help wanted ad says. Resum’s are due by noon, Oct. 4.
A person without experience in animal control can be hired but would have to be trained. The commissioners have said they want the facility ‘up and running’ by the first of the year.
Funds have been included in next year’s budget to operate the facility. The animal control warden’s salary is set at $24,000, and $10,000 has been set aside for a part-time assistant. The total budget for 2005, including supplies, utilities and equipment, is $85,600. In addition, $25,000 has been budgeted from riverboat revenue for the spay/neuter program, and the council intends to buy a vehicle with riverboat revenue.