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S.H. union presses case as fact-finding approaches

Evelyn Bell, president of the South Harrison Education Association, pressed the teachers’ case for a more lucrative contract in a prepared speech at the September meeting of the South Harrison Community School Corp. School Board of Trustees.
Supt. Neyland Clark said he had no further comment on the issue, which is scheduled to go to fact-finding in November.
Bell said the teachers deserve a fair contract. ‘I emphasize ‘fair contract,’ ‘ she said. The previous contract expired August 2003.
Clark previously said that 100 percent of new monies have been placed on the bargaining table as well as funding from other sources. Bell said it’s not an issue of no money but of ‘misplaced money.’
‘I cannot shift between funds. The only time I can do that is with state legislation,’ said Carolyn Wallace, director of business operations at South Harrison, in an interview.
Bell said the corporation hired or raised administrative and technology positions and salaries, including an increased technician’s salary and two new part-time positions.
She also referenced the recently filled assistant superintendent position, an existing position that had been vacant for many months.
The new part-time positions are out-sourced, Wallace said. She said they receive no benefits, are paid out of capital projects, and are not considered employees of South Harrison.
The technicians have not received a salary increase in several years, she said.
Rising insurance costs have also been a sticking point between the corporation and SHEA.
‘Every year insurance goes up and the corporation pays less. Administration has full health insurance benefits. The nine-percent increase last year and the 17-percent increase this year has all been taken out of our checks,’ Bell said.
‘Every year South Harrison teachers fall behind other corporations but are still asked to do more,’ she said.
‘Who are the others you are talking about?’ Wallace said, emphasizing the need for relevant comparisons.
asked during the interview. ‘Let’s find others who are relevant to us.’
She said the corporation was gathering data for the purpose of making such comparisons between South Harrison and others.