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3 lost children found unharmed

Three children who got lost in the woods after a run-in with a snake were found unharmed Saturday afternoon.
Mary Froman of Elizabeth said three of her grandchildren ‘ Courtney Whitehouse, 14, Josh Whitehouse, 11, and Jake Glant, 12 ‘ left her home about 10 Saturday morning to go to a nearby pond on property she owns with her husband, Bill.
The pond is in a wooded area down a hill about 500 feet from the Froman home.
The three youngsters apparently ‘got turned around,’ Froman said when they encountered a snake.
‘They just wanted to get away from the snake,’ Froman said.
About an hour after the trio left, family members became concerned that they hadn’t returned. Jake Glant was to return home to Michigan.
Froman said they looked ‘a good four hours’ before calling 911. They were especially concerned about Courtney, who has asthma.
An officer with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. arrived and called the Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Dept. to assist.
Firefighters brought about 10 four-wheelers to scour the area, and they used walkie-talkies to communicate with each other, Froman said.
About an hour later, the children were found several miles from the Froman residence. They apparently followed a dry creek bed to Mosquito Creek, Froman said.
They were unharmed. The boys were hungry. Froman said they had only eaten some doughnuts before going to the pond. They asked their grandmother for some food when they got back to the house.
Froman praised the firefighters. ‘They were so willing to help,’ she said. It was the first time she had ever called them for help.
‘We have a very good fire department,’ she said.
Froman was also appreciative of the police officer, ‘who stayed right with us’ during the search.
‘I wish I knew everybody’s names who helped,’ Froman said. ‘There were some neighbors … some people I didn’t even know was looking for them.’
The experience also gave Froman a new perspective on four-wheelers.
‘I always thought they were something very dangerous,’ she said. ‘Now I see there is a need for them.’