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Commissioners refer Kentucky councilman to state re: toll bridge

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners has referred Councilman Doug Hawkins of the Louisville Metro Council to the Indiana Dept. of Transportation regarding a toll bridge across the Ohio River to Harrison County.
The commissioners said in the letter responding to Hawkins’ inquiry:
‘An Ohio River bridge, such as described by your proposal, is currently not included in our long-range plan.
‘We have discussed the details outlined in your letter and have decided that the bridge project should be discussed at the state, not the local, level of government.’
In part, that’s because any bridge over the river from West Louisville to eastern Harrison County would link with S.R. 111 along the river and the state has jurisdiction over that highway.
‘Thank you for sharing information regarding your desire to construct a Southwest Ohio River Bridge connecting Louisville/Jefferson County, Ky., with Harrison County, Indiana,’ the commissioners said in the letter. ‘It is no doubt that greater mobility could benefit both our communities if guided correctly.’
The project is not part of Harrison County’s long-range transportation plan, which outlines significant transportation projects that could be pursued during the next 20 years.
The commissioners asked to be kept informed of the project.
Hawkins proposes funding the project with a toll.