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Ideas sought for O’Bannon memorial

Main Street Corydon is asking for ideas from the public and proposals from artists for an appropriate public memorial for the late Gov. Frank L. O’Bannon of Corydon.
O’Bannon, the 47th governor of Indiana, died of a stroke last September while attending an international trade conference in Chicago. He had 16 months left in his second four-year term as governor. He previously served eight years as lieutenant governor with Gov. Evan Bayh and before that 18 years as a state senator representing this part of Southern Indiana.
Main Street Corydon President Bud Bennett will soon appoint a committee of local people who knew O’Bannon to determine what kind of memorial should go in Corydon, where O’Bannon grew up, or perhaps at the Harrison-Crawford/Wyandotte Complex, where Frank and Judy O’Bannon have a home. The committee will also select an artist and start a fund-raising campaign with private donations that are tax deductible.
‘We want the memorial to be outstanding,’ said Bennett, something that will be appropriate for what O’Bannon’s career as a public servant meant to Indiana and something that will also draw visitors here.
‘There will be no rush on this,’ Bennett said. ‘There’s lots of time for comments on this. We want people to say after it’s all done, ‘We did the right thing.’ ‘
Artists are asked to submit proposals for any ideas they might have, although no financial parameters have been set yet.
An ad hoc committee has met twice informally the past month to discuss ideas and start the process.
A form is included below to fill out and send to Main Street Corydon.
All monetary donations are tax deductible.
Earlier, Indiana House Speaker Pat Bauer appointed State Rep. Paul Robertson (D-Depauw) and State Sen. Richard Young (D-Milltown) to a bipartisan committee to select an O’Bannon memorial for the Statehouse in Indianapolis. Robertson and State Sen. Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) are co-chairs.
In keeping with the tradition honoring other governors, that memorial will probably be a bronze bust in a niche outside the State Senate chamber, where O’Bannon was a leader for three terms, beginning in 1970.
Main Street wants to hear from you
Main Street Corydon is working with community leaders and friends of the late Gov. Frank O’Bannon to build a public memorial to commemorate his contributions to Harrison County and the State of Indiana. ‘Before we get too far into the process, we’d like to hear from you on what and how you would like to see Frank memorialized,’ said Sean Hawkins, community development manager for the Harrison County Convention and Visitors Bureau. ‘Please take the time to fill out this sheet and be as detailed as possible on what you would like to see. If you have any questions, please contact Main Street Corydon at 734-0581.’

1. What kind of memorial would be most appropriate for Frank O’Bannon in Corydon or Harrison County?

2. What would be the best location for the memorial?

All contributions to the Frank O’Bannon memorial can be sent to Main Street Corydon, 310 N. Elm St., Corydon, IN 47112.