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McCutcheon writes a book most people can relate to

Somewhere in the back of our minds are anecdotes that could be put into short story forms that most people would find amusing ‘ either because they have had similar experiences or because they feel fortunate that they didn’t have a particular experience.
That’s what Rosemary J. McCutcheon had in mind when she wrote a 138-page book called ‘Where Is Somewhere?’
The idea for the book came about as McCutcheon was traveling with friends to a basketball game at a Christian school.
‘The pastor’s wife looked out the car window and casually commented, ‘Don’t you wish we weren’t always on our way somewhere, so we could stop at some of the interesting places along the highway?’ ‘ said McCutcheon.
‘My creative juices began to flow as I thought, ‘Where is Somewhere, anyway?’ she said. ‘But I was always on my way somewhere, too, and delayed writing this book for two years.’
Once McCutcheon, who will be 65 on July 23, actually got somewhere with writing, it took her nine months to produce 12 chapters and get the work published.
‘Where Is Somewhere?’ was released in April. Since then she’s received positive feedback.
‘My very first comment was that it has a similar flare as Erma Bombeck,’ she said. ‘I found that very flattering. Also, several people have said it is a great airport/bathroom book.’
It is a quick-read that can easily be put down when it’s time for you to head off somewhere.
(After reading the book, you’ll be surprised at how frequently we refer to ‘somewhere’ in our everyday conversations.)
A native of Pekin, McCutcheon is a 1961 graduate of New Albany High School. She and her husband of 22 years, Larry, have lived somewhere in the Georgetown area the past seven years. Before that, they lived in Ramsey for 16 years.
McCutcheon dedicated her book to her deceased mother and three ‘dear, dear aunts.’ It includes tales of her live spent rearing five children who had nine grandchildren. (Grandchild No. 10 is due in November.)
One brief story is about a curious granddaughter who found an aerosol can in a borrowed car that her grandmother was driving. As McCutcheon prepared to place an order at a restaurant drive-through window, she and all passengers in the car were temporarily overcome by Mace that the granddaughter had sprayed after she found the can somewhere near the console.
The author doesn’t spare anyone. One chapter is dedicated to co-workers and work-place scenarios. McCutcheon’s encounters range from office ermines (or weasels) to office angels, and how rumors and perfumes can get carried away. Then there’s the story of the usually impeccably dressed employee who mistakenly showed up for work wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe; she spent considerable time looking somewhere for new footwear!
McCutcheon is a 16-year employee of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Louisville. She works in the theological education office as a program assistant for committee support and information services.
One of her co-workers, Jeanette Hardy of Pendleton, Ky., did the graphics for ‘Somewhere.’ And, yes, that is a cartoon drawing of McCutcheon on the cover, as she checks somewhere under the washer and dryer for ‘lost’ socks.
McCutcheon has written and published two other books, ‘Annie Painted Purple’ and ‘Playtime Around the World,’ both of which are geared toward children.
‘Where Is Somewhere?’ was written as a general human interest book more for adults who have encountered the same experiences McCutcheon writes about. ‘Although I am pleased to say that young teens are also enjoying the humor,’ she added.
A sequel to ‘Annie Painted Purple’ is in the works. The author said she was on chapter five when she stopped to write ‘Somewhere.’
‘I plan to write more inspirational books in the future,’ she said. ‘One of my best friends asked me to write a novel. So that may not be out of the question either when I retire.’
That’s if McCutcheon’s hobbies don’t interfere. She and Larry, who works for UPS, currently use vacations to minister in Texas, Mexico and other places. They also enjoy riding their motorcycle and playing golf with their friends.
The writer’s third love is ‘going somewhere to scope out unique Christmas gifts for our grandchildren,’ she said.
McCutcheon will be at the Harrison County Public Library on Saturday, July 24, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to sign books. Copies of ‘Where Is Somewhere?’ will be sold for $12.99 that day.
‘Where Is Somewhere?’ is also available by phone or online. By phone, call 1-800-917-BOOK (2665). Via Internet, e-mail [email protected] Web sites that carry the book include, and