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Lanesville schools reaffirm smoke-free status

After protesting smoking at Lanesville Junior-Senior High School and particularly the presence of a cigarette ash box at the front door, Jennifer Riley and three students were thanked by Donald Hussung for ‘opening up my eyes to something I had forgotten.’
Riley is the program coordinator for Harrison County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition. After she finished her appeal for a policy designating Lanesville Community School Corp. as tobacco-free, Hussung, the school board president, referred to the current smoking policy.
The policy broadly banned smoking on school grounds and at school events but included a directive to provide a designated smoking area.
The board approved a motion to remove the ash box as soon as possible and said the policy would be revised to make Lanesville a tobacco-free campus.
North and South Harrison community school corporations are already designated as tobacco-free.
‘(The ash box) was a fixture that came with the brick,’ Hussung said, explaining that the architect included the item and an oversight had allowed it to remain.
Students addressing the board included Casey Hussung, Steve Lewis and William (Billy) Simler.
The June 15 meeting was Lewis (Charles) Himmelhaver’s last as a trustee.
‘From my own standpoint, I’ve appreciated your humor,’ Partenheimer said in a farewell.
‘I was serious,’ Himmelhaver replied.
‘I thank you for being on the board and for all you’ve done for the children of Lanesville Community schools,’ Partenheimer said.
‘I’ve enjoyed working with everyone. I think everyone here has always been dedicated to the children,’ Himmelhaver said.
‘Chuck’s been on the board almost as long as me,’ said Hussung. ‘It’s always a pleasure to serve with guys who are graduates of Lanesville Community schools. I think you have to really grow up here to appreciate Lanesville. I’ll die thinking there is something special about this place.’
‘There is,’ Himmelhaver said.
Denzil McKim will succeed Himmelhaver in July.
In other business:
‘ Partenheimer said the corporation was facing an unfunded liability of $1.8 million over 10 years due to retirement benefits payable.
‘We bargain with teachers for retirement severance, retirement insurance, retirement bridge to social security, but we never put any money into savings,’ he said.
The board approved a motion to transfer up to $40,000 from the general fund to the retirement fund.
‘ Dana Jones was conditionally approved to teach Spanish.
Jones is pursuing a master’s degree at University of Louisville and taught Spanish at Floyd Central High School last year on a temporary contract.
‘ Marydee Meyer was placed on a temporary contract as a replacement for English teacher Michelle Scarber during her maternity leave.
‘ Assistant to the principal and athletic director Brian Garrett was named transportation director.
‘ A two-year, facility-use request for church services on Sunday was denied. Hussung said the board did not want to enter the business of granting long-term requests and had a policy of avoiding Sunday use in particular.