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Home damage should be reported to emergency management’s Reas

Brush is still working its way to downtown Corydon curbs after a storm last week caused considerable damage, mostly to trees and utility lines in the south part of town.
Harrison County Emergency Management Agency director Greg Reas is asking that any home damage be reported to his office by calling 738-8949. The information may help in Harrison County’s being assessed as a federal disaster area. If such an assessment is made, federal aid may be available for uninsured losses.
As for the brush that has been piled on Corydon right-of-ways, ‘We’re getting a handle on it,’ said Fred Cammack, president of the Corydon Town Council.
Crews have been disposing of the brush with a chipper.
‘The leaves are getting dry and the dust is just horrendous,’ Cammack said, asking that residents get brush out to the street this week if possible.
One resident on South Harrison Drive, where tree damage was thought to be the worst, expressed frustration at the lack of assistance he and others had received. They have been working daily on brush since the May 30 storm, he said.
The well field supplying water to Corydon is also facing a clean-up after a windstorm and possible tornadic activity felled trees in that area near Mauckport. No equipment was damaged, and the clean-up should be one day’s work for a town crew, Cammack said.