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Council, 4-2, funds all-day kindergarten

All parents or guardians of pre-schoolers will have the option to send their children to all-day kindergarten this fall in one of the three public school systems in Harrison County.
The audience applauded loudly as the Harrison County Council Monday night approved $4 million in riverboat funds for the school systems.
When Council President Gary Davis called for action on the issue, Councilman Carl (Buck) Mathes quickly moved to approve all of the money the schools had requested.
Councilman Alvin Brown quickly seconded the motion, and it passed 4-2, with council persons Rhonda Rhoads and Ralph Sherman voting nay as they did when the issue first arose in May. Councilman Kenneth Saulman was the swing vote, this time voting in favor along with Councilman Carl Duley. As the chair, Davis didn’t vote.
Earlier, Davis told the audience that the special meeting had been called to deal with the kindergarten funding issue, which had to be re-advertised so new action could be taken because an earlier motion didn’t meet the requirements of Robert’s Rules of Order.
He told the crowd of about 60 he did not intend to take comments from the public because the issue had already been debated.
‘I think we have already heard from everybody,’ he said, calling for a show of hands for those who support all-day kindergarten. It seemed everyone responded in the positive, but when asked for a show of hands from those who were opposed, Warren Haun raised his hand.
‘It’s many for and one against,’ Davis said, calling for the motion.
(Later, Haun said he wasn’t opposed to all-day kindergarten. He just didn’t like the schools getting the money in advance. ‘They’ll just squander it,’ he said.)
North Harrison school superintendent Monty Schneider told the council, ‘I just want to thank you very much.
‘When will the interlocal agreements be ready?’ he asked to laughter and more applause from the audience.
‘That’s a commissioners’ issue,’ Davis said with a chuckle.
The commissioners will likely deal with the agreements at their next meeting, June 21 at 7:30 p.m.
The $4 million will be divided among the school systems based on student enrollment.