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Bush administration unravels in the war against Iraq

All the TV networks and major daily newspapers should stop covering President George Bush. Imagine what that would do. It would mean the end of George Bush’s increasingly incompetent presidency.
If Bush were no longer on TV, he would not be a factor in world affairs because just about all he does is appear on TV, whenever he chooses. He describes a world that does not exist. He explains to us, as if we were junior high students, what dictators do, or he encourages his supporters to follow radical policies that don’t work, at home and abroad.
When Bush speaks on TV he reads speeches full of patriotic generalities and banalities before a friendly group of soldiers, veterans or Republican Party loyalists. All very safe audiences. When he does have a rare live press conference, it’s laughable.
George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, national security advisor Condoleeza Rice, Att. Gen. John Ashcroft and the president’s political guru, Karl Rove, live in an ideological world that does not exist. In their offices in the White House, they are isolated and insulated from the real world. They tell each other what they want to hear, and they insist to the rest of the world that things must go their way.
If things don’t go their way, they blame someone else, accuse their critics of working for the terrorists or being soft on national security. It’s an old, cynical, reprehensible strategy that has worked amazingly well for a long time.
The Bush insiders pay no attention to experts within their own government (Secretary of State Colin Powell, for example), Congress (U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar), or the rest of the world (most of our allies). They ignore our laws (how we treat prisoners of war) and world treaties (environmental agreements), but they expect everyone else to obey the questionable Patriot Act laws.
President Bush is our commander-in-chief. He is our ‘war president,’ as he likes to remind us, and the American people yearn to believe him. But when it comes to military and diplomatic failures, like the ones in Iraq, the chain of command goes away. The buck never stops on Bush’s desk. It’s always on someone else’s desk. When our soldiers tortured Iraqi soldiers in what appears to be a policy of contempt, no one in the administration was held accountable. It was some out-of-control private or some rogue corporal just having a little fun. Comic-critic Bill Maher pointed out the other night on ‘Larry King Live’ that George Bush blames the Abu Ghraib jail. George Bush will tear down the jail and build a new one. It’s the jail’s fault.
George Bush will not replace his close advisors, even when they screw up, because they are his brains. They tell him what to think and say and what he wants to hear.
Because George Bush lives in a make-believe world, the Bush Administration has squandered the good will of the world since 9/11 and estranged the U.S. from the United Nations. His arguments about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION were bogus. Instead of talking to his father about attacking Iraq, George talked to God. George Bush the Elder fought a war in Iraq. George Bush the Younger ducked out of the military. Go figure.
When the Bush people did speculate on the future of Iraq following the ‘shock and awe’ show in Baghdad, they envisioned Iraqi people joyously greeting American soldiers as liberators. They figured Iraq would happily embrace democracy and greet Bush favorites like Ahmad Chalabi as their new leaders. Chalabi is a financier, public relations genius and accused swindler whose home in Baghdad was recently raided by armed Iraqi police and U.S. troops.
Here’s an interesting fact: Last week, The New Yorker magazine, the one that broke the story about the U.S. torture practices in Abu Ghraib prison, said that between 1992 and the raid on Chalabi’s home, the U.S. government had given more than $100 million to Chalabi’s organization, the Iraqi National Congress. Until recently, the INC was receiving a stipend of $342,000 a month.
Your federal government in action.
Does anybody know what is going on in Iraq?
If network TV and big dailies cover the Bush Administration, it’s because it’s coming apart. The CIA director quit last week. It’s the beginning of the end of a failed and flawed administration, as insider books have been telling us for months. Other Cabinet members should follow George Tenet’s example.
Think of the failures thus far: Start with the inability of the Bush Administration to protect the United States from Osama bin Laden. Remember him? Bin Laden is the terrorist who probably masterminded the murderous attacks on the Marine Barracks in Beirut, the U.S. embassies in Africa, the USS Cole in Yemen, and the World Trade Center.
As soon as the Twin Towers fell, Tenet figured rightly that it was a bin Laden operation. Bush immediately hustled Saudi big shots out of the country and sent our forces to Afghanistan to crush the Taliban and destroy al Qaeda training bases there. Then, after failing to convince the rest of the world that Saddam had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and ties with al Qaeda, he invaded Iraq.
Our military machine easily conquered Saddam’s forces and inherited a real mess that none of the Bush White House inner circle had foreseen. Osama is still out there somewhere, but the Bush Administration can’t find him. Al Qaeda is credited with serious harm all over the world
Bush prematurely announced on an aircraft carrier that the war was over.
Wrong. Our soldiers are still dying each week.
Bush thought we would be treated as liberators.
Wrong again. Our soldiers are now sitting ducks for ‘insurgents.’
Bush said Iraqi oil money would pay for the war.
Wrong again. Who knows where it is.
Bush wants to establish the shining light of democracy in the Middle East and automatically change the Middle East to his vision. He’s still dreaming.
Bush has ignored the economy (he and his advisors, including Indiana GOP gubernatorial candidate Mitch Daniels, have taken this country from a projected surplus of $5.6 trillion to a projected deficit of $4 trillion in only two years).
He’s ignored the health care and prescription drug crisis.
He’s ignored the environment, just as he did in Texas.
Bush was a C- student at Yale, he was a C- soldier in the National Guard, he was a C- governor in Texas, now he’s a C- president who’s looking at an I, for incompetent.
Some thoughtful Republicans are talking about dumping George Bush. It couldn’t happen too soon.