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Basic animal control building likely

A no-frills contract will be awarded next month to the low bidder to build an animal control facility in north Corydon. Construction could begin in July.
The Harrison County Board of Commissioners, meeting Thursday night in public session with the architect, selected Dadisman Builders of Louisville for the project, after determining the low bidder without all the alternates.
The alternates included site preparation, a metal roof, ‘guillotine doors’ separating the cages (which could be opened to allow animals to be moved into one side of the cage while a worker cleans the other side, which may not be a good idea if an alpha dog decides to establish dominance), a walk-in freezer, epoxy paint to repel water during cleaning, reception counter, and an enclosed garage.
No equipment other than the freezer was included in the bid, so the commissioners may be hard-pressed to provide essentials such as kitty cages and water bowls.
And apparently they are through asking.
‘The cages are not included. I’m not going back to the council and try to weasel another $20,000,’ said Commissioner James Goldman.
Dadisman’s base bid came to $428,788, compared to the next lowest bid, from Kelly Construction Co., at $429,550.
With site preparation ($73,250) and a walk-in freezer ($9,062), a non-negotiable must, Dadisman’s total comes to $511,100, compared to Kelly’s $516,050.
The commissioners agreed that the county highway department could assist with the site preparation, which, in turn, would lower the price of that work. Bids for the site preparation include a road, parking lot, utilities and a sewer lift station.
Among other reasons, the cost of site preparation is just one thing Commissioner J.R. Eckart finds wrong with the Quarry Road site. ‘Just so I’m absolutely clear. I do not like that site. It’s not really worthy of the building we’ve designed.
‘It’s just not a good site, in my opinion,’ Eckart emphasized. ‘We have a facility appropriate for just about any commercial environment.’
Architect Angie Kleer of Michell Timperman Ritz of New Albany said that through modification the sewer lift station could be eliminated. ‘The site work is not the determining factor,’ she said.
The garage ‘ which is needed to protect the equipment from the weather and to unload animals in a protected area from which they can’t escape ‘ is out, at least for now. Commissioner Jim Heitkemper had said the garage would be a bargain at the bid prices, but it’s not possible to build the garage because the money simply is not available.
Goldman said: ‘We can open without a garage; we can’t open without cages. We need to skip the garage, skip the metal roof, skip the guillotine doors. We need to work out the rest (including site preparation) with the vendor; we have 60 days to do that.’
His motion to that effect and to award the bid to Dadisman for the base bid and the freezer only, which totals $437,800, was seconded by Heitkemper.
The commissioners also discussed the possibility of building the road north, past the animal control facility, to open that property to development. The facility would then face the new road rather than Quarry Road. The possibility is being reviewed by the architect to see if the building can be rearranged to allow the through road.
Eckart said the commissioners will award the contract to Dadisman at the next regular meeting on June 7.
‘There’s a strong possibility we can begin site preparation no later than July.’