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Public can comment on proposed sign ordinance

The public will have the opportunity to voice opinions on a proposed sign ordinance for the county at the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s regular meeting on Thursday, June 3, at 7:30 p.m. in the courthouse.
Eric Wise, the county planner, and members of the plan commission, have spent considerable time drafting an ordinance.
‘At our last work session, we decided we needed to proceed with a public hearing and see what comments are made,’ Wise said.
During the May 6 plan commission meeting, the eight members present discussed it some more. While they were not in agreement with the proposed ordinance as written, they decided to present it to the public next month.
‘We need to move forward … or (signs) are going to be everywhere,’ said Victor McCauley, who chairs the plan commission.
Some of the discussion centered on enforcement.
‘If we’re not going to enforce it, why bother to have this?’ asked Larry Ott.
Jim Klinstiver said they need to be consistent on what’s allowed and enforcing the ordinance.
Plan commission members were reminded that there was one more work session (prior to the June 3 meeting) in which they could possibly iron out a few kinks in the proposed ordinance.

In other matters at the May 6 meeting, the plan commission decided to initiate a zoning change for the Lanesville Community School Corp. If the change is approved, the school system would be permitted to develop more of its property.
Two of the three public hearing items on the docket were tabled at the request of the applicants. One, Docket S-1-04, is for a major subdivision in Posey Township; the applicant is Jearl Eckart. The other, Docket S-2-04, is a request to vacate a portion of a major subdivision. The applicants are Eckart and Stephanie Marsh.
Jason Copperwaite of Paul Primavera and Associates said the request to table was made because ‘additional problems’ came up a few hours before the meeting.
The third public hearing item, a request for a major subdivision in Taylor Township, got preliminary approval.
Five special exceptions were reviewed. They are:
‘ An auction house for Terry Hammack west of New Salisbury; it received a favorable recommendation.
‘ A contractor’s office for Dennis Beard at 9925 Morgan’s Lane, Elizabeth; it received a favorable recommendation.
‘ A salvage yard for William Burns at 3345 Smith Campground Road; it received no recommendation.
‘ A horse stable at 4390 Big Indian Road; it received a favorable recommendation.
‘ A catering business for Lawrence Wernert at 500 New Middletown Road, Corydon; it got a favorable recommendation.
All five requests will be acted upon by the Harrison County Board of Zoning Appeals during its regular meeting May 27. The BZA meets at 7:30 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Room of the Harrison County Court House.