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Kentucky races have Indiana flair

A slew of runners from Harrison and Crawford counties took part in the annual Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and miniMarathon in Louisville on Saturday, led by Corydon’s Chad Johnson.
Johnson, who raced in the Boston Marathon earlier in the week, repeated as champion of the wheelchair division of the KDF Marathon in a time of 1:56:01. In last year’s win, he crossed the line a tick over two hours.
Marathon runners who completed the 26 mile course were: Chris Buess of Corydon (4:19:36), Jerry Roach of Depauw (4:04:14) and Donald Stilger of Corydon (3:51:09).
Other finishers (in alphabetical order) in the mini-Marathon were:
Jake Alexander of Leavenworth (2:03:13), Donna Bary of Depauw (2:04:34), Theresa Buechele of Corydon (3:41:54), Dr. Bruce Burton of Corydon (2:15:21), Joan Burton of Corydon (2:44:40), Lewis Carver of Corydon (1:50:23), Carla Corley of Lanesville (2:02:00), Marengo’s Alan, Jenna and Karen Cox (2:17:10, 3:18:18, 3:18:19, respectively), Raymond Davis of Palmyra (1:51:43), Simon Davis of Depauw (2:04:18), Troy Davis of Georgetown (1:36:04), Nick Day of Lanesville (1:40:19), Elizabeth Dineen of Depauw (2:50:07), Robert Dooley of New Salisbury (1:55:43), Denny Doutaz of English (2:16:49), Elizabeth and Patricia Emerson of Lanesville (1:51:47 and 1:51:46), Kyle and Laura Fisher of New Salisbury (1:31:33 and 2:58:06), Gordon Geswein of Palmyra (2:10:54), Courtney and Jonathon Hisey of Lanesville (2:14:19 and 2:14:48), James and Susan Isbell of New Salisbury (3:05:37 and 3:05:37), Shawna Jones of Marengo (3:04:25), Dustin Lindsey of Milltown (1:32:28), Lou Ann Mattingly of English (3:09:17), Stephen Nally of Corydon (1:51:33), Perry Neutz of Lanesville (1:51:46), Cathy Palmer of Corydon (2:59:00), Stephen Patterson of New Salisbury (2:14:39), Mary Paul of Corydon (1:51:48), Danielle Ragains of Corydon (2:11:22), John Ross of Milltown (1:43:41), Andi and Jackie Sauerheber of Corydon (2:10:08 and 2:10:08), Chad and Todd Schweitzer of Laconia (2:03:28 for both), Michael Shearer of Corydon (1:49:03), Jeremy Shumate of Corydon (1:46:56), Eric Sieg of New Salisbury (1:53:41), Jeremy Stewart of Corydon (1:43:53), Charles Stilger of Lanesville (2:29:08), Lesley Thomas (3:35:40), Jan Weimer of Lanesville (2:45:17), Rosemary Young of Lanesville (2:47:37) and Darcy Zellers of Depauw (2:10:08).